The success of NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks has given artists and designers worldwide the opportunity to put their work on the blockchain. However, given the NFT market’s explosive growth over the last year, determine which NFT projects have the greatest potential.

This article will discuss the best upcoming NFT projects this year to assist in decision-making. We’ll look at the features that each of these upcoming NFT projects has to offer and the compelling value propositions they provide.

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The 5 Upcoming NFTs For 2022

The following is a list of five new upcoming NFT projects that are expected to make a splash in the market this year. In the following section, we’ll go over each of these projects in detail, so you have all the information you need to make an informed investment decision.

  1. Silks – The Best New NFT Project in 2022
  2. Meta Triads – Exciting NFT Project with Passive Income Potential
  3. Guild of Guardians – Upcoming NFT Game in Pre-Alpha Phase
  4. Rich Cats Nation – Digital Art NFT Collection with Built-In Breeding Mechanism
  5. DeAngels – Interesting NFT Collection with Huge Community Backing

Taking a Closer Look at the Most Recent NFT Drops

The NFT projects listed above are those that we believe have the most potential in 2022, based on extensive research and analysis. Let’s take a closer look at each of these projects separately to gain a better understanding:

1. Silks – The Best NFT to Purchase in 2022

Silks, a pioneering play-to-earn (P2E) game hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, is our pick for the best NFT to invest in this year. The game has a large metaverse where players can buy avatars and participate in fun gameplay elements. Silks’ gameplay is entirely based on thoroughbred horse racing in the real world, which is the foundation for how players can profit from their in-game activities.

Within the world of Silks, players can own digital Silks horses that structure as NFTs. On the other hand, Silks goes a step further by ensuring that each Silks horse is associated with a real-life good breed horse. This one-to-one connection is made possible by combining large datasets on horse pedigree, training progress, and racing performance.

As described in the Silks whitepaper, Owning a Silks horse allows players to earn money in the Silks metaverse. When a player wins a race the real-life equivalent of Silks Horse, they reward in $STT, Silks’ native transaction token. Stacking, breeding, and pinhooking – a horse racing industry term that refers to the act of buying and selling an unlicensed horse at a profit using data and theoretical knowledge – are all options for Silks horse owners other than racing rewards.

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Silks players will be able to purchase virtual land plots in addition to horses, which structure as NFTs. Because of the connection between the Silks metaverse and the real world of horse racing as a whole, Silks players will need to house and care for their digital horse the same way they do in real life. This is where virtual land comes in, as it allows owners to build stables and horse farms to keep their horses.

Finally, the Silks Metaverse was created with long-term sustainability in mind, as every new year (1-year-old well horses) would be mined and sold on the Silks platform. Minting will take place alongside the annual auction, ensuring that each horse in the metaverse is tied to an actual horse race. Ultimately, this will allow Silks’ autonomous marketplace to flourish over time, as well as allow players to speculate and profit from price increases.

2. Meta Triads – Exciting NFT Project with Passive Income Potential


Meta Triads is another notable NFT project to keep an eye on. Each of the 10,000 NFTs in the Meta Triads collection represents a cyberpunk character. Each meta triad would be classified as human, humanoid, or hybrid, with an unusual meta triad remaining unclassified and serving as part of a larger plot. However, in addition to one-of-a-kind digital art, ownership of the Meta Triad comes with a number of other exciting benefits.

The most notable advantage is that owning a Meta Triad NFT entitles you to Meta Triads Marketplace shares. Meta Triads is working on an aggregator marketplace that will allow fashion brands to present their clothing items virtually.

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Owners of Meta Triads NFTs will receive a portion of the proceeds from sales on this marketplace, distributing in $TRIA – the marketplace’s native transactional token. Finally, Meta Triads is one of the most exciting NFT projects this year due to the combination of valuable digital art and the potential for passive income.

3. Guild of Guardians – Upcoming NFT Game in Pre-Alpha Phase

Guild of Guardians is a new fantasy play-to-earn (P2E) game where players can form alliances and earn rewards. The Guild of Guardians team hopes to create a mobile RPG that will encourage NFT adoption among a new demographic of gamers by utilizing cutting-edge Web3 technologies.

The game is still in the pre-alpha stage, but the team is in the process of inviting members of the Guild of Guardians community to participate in playtests.

According to the official Guild of Guardians website, over 130,000 people have signed up to play the game when it is released. In-game assets like aesthetic items and Founder Heroes will be structured as NFTs and stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Guild of Guardians will be completely decentralized and free to play, with no pay-to-win elements, ensuring that skill and strategy are the only ways to earn rewards.

4. Rich Cats Nation – Digital Art NFT Collection with Built-In Breeding Mechanism

On the Binance blockchain, Rich Cats Nation is a collection of 1,000 NFTs. NFTs represent mastery of digital art, depicted as cat-based characters with various random characteristics. Following a similar structure to other popular NFT collections, some Rich Cats are considered rarer than others, resulting in higher secondary market valuations.

Owning a Rich Cat NFT affords you to join Rich Cat Nation, an exclusive club with various benefits. Rich Cat merchandise, in-person events, NFT airdrops, royalties, and more are among the perks. The Rich Cat Nation website also mentions plans for a play-to-earn game to turn your Rich Cat NFT into a metaverse avatar. Finally, a built-in ‘breeding’ mechanism allows owners of male and female Rich Cats to create ‘Rich Kitties,’ which can sell for more money.

5. DeAngels – Interesting NFT Collection with Huge Community Backing

DeAngels completes our list of the best upcoming NFTs. This project has already gotten a lot of attention on social media, with over 54,000 people on the official Discord channel. DeAngels is a collection of 8,888 ‘angel’ NFTs hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, in general. DeAngels’ development team has big plans for the project, including active marketing, breeding mechanisms, and a blockchain-based game.

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Although the developers have stated that it will allow DeAngels NFT holders to generate income with minimal effort, there are few details about this game. DeAngels NFTs will be minted on March 11th, with a price of 0.15 ETH per NFT. Finally, any NFTs sold on the secondary market will pay a 5% royalty fee to the original owner, allowing them to generate a recurring income stream.


Many exciting and innovative projects expect to drop in 2022 as NFTs become more popular.

Due to its innovative features to earn money and its striking resemblance to the real world of well-bred horse racing, Silks is undoubtedly the NFT project that has garnered the most attention this year.

Silks are the most exciting NFT project to see in 2022, thanks to these features and exciting gameplay elements, and a fully decentralized governance system.


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