Ivwwon, the founder of Cryptomories, claims to have “broken the OpenSea verification system”. They claim that this is unjust, which is highly doubtful. After claiming the copyright, his project, Cryptomories, was taken off the platform. They are back on the platform now, but they haven’t been verified yet.

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Cryptomories founder Ivwwon made a bold claim on Twitter. “I believe I have breached the OpenSea verification system: if a member of the OpenSea team buys NFTs off-chain, it will be verified,” he explained.

In fact, this indicates that the Cryptomories has not yet been verified, but that projects they believe are of low quality have been taken over by one of the OpenSea employees. Bought as a way to promote the project at a high cost.

It is still unclear which project Ivwwon was talking about. It’s worth noting that OpenSea has a history of commercial scandals.

The NFT platform has verified many projects with lower floor prices, fewer followers, and a less active community than cryptocurrencies.

The Founder of Cryptomories’ Claims

Iwwon, the founder of Cryptomories, made a bold claim on Twitter. “I believe I’ve cracked Opensea Verification system: if one of Opensea’s team members purchases an nft from a collection, it is verified,” he said.

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This is, of course, a dig at the fact that Cryptomories have yet to be verified, so although projects that he considers to be of a lower quality are verified simply because an Opensea staff member has purchased one, effectively promoting the project to a higher price.

It’s unclear what project Iwwon was referring to opensea verification has a history of being involved in trading scandals.

On the NFT platform, many projects with lower floor prices, a smaller following, and a less active community than Cryptomories have been verified.

About Cryptomories

Iwwon, an NFT artist, founded Cryptomories, a 10,000-piece NFT collection. Their strong artistic skills with a variety of additional characteristics. They have a large following on Twitter, with over 48,000 followers and over 27,000 on Discord. The collection’s current floor price on Opensea is 0.62 ETH ($1,630 at the time of writing).

They were recently involved in a DMCA takedown case with an unnamed individual in the NFT space, who turned out to be NFT artist Sabet. As a result, they were recently suspended from the Opensea platform.

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While there was no long-term impact on Cryptomories’ Opensea status in terms of being on the platform, it caused outrage among investors and team members. They thought it was utterly unfair.

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