This 10,000 NFTs (ERC-721s) Ethereum-based collection was released in August 2021. The co-founders of the product are Betty, a co-director of the creative production business, and Psych, the collection’s principal artist.

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Maddy Kenyon is the project’s principal artist for 3D. Over 300 randomly generated qualities, including mouth, eyes, head, and body grades, are featured in the collection. The team’s activity, the pursuit of ambitious goals, as well as a range of celebrity deadfellaz holders, have contributed to the project’s appeal.

The following article examines the project’s inner workings, including its forays into DeFi and other initiatives; continue reading the article to know everything you would like to know.

DeadFellaz NFT Collection | 10,000 Undead NFT's living on the Ethereum  Blockchain - NFT Metaverse

The DeadFellaz NFT Forays Into DeFi

You may use deadfellaz 20, a deadfellaz -issued ERC-20 token, to trade in NFT-20 liquidity pools. The deadfellaz 20 ERC20 token is available on Uniswap and SushiSwap, and it was created for the NFT20 Pool.  

Read our comprehensive information on liquidity pools if you’ve never heard of them before. NFT-20 liquidity pools may be very new to you, even if you’ve ever heard of liquidity pools. NFT-20 is a decentralized protocol that tokenizes NFTs to offer liquidity on decentralized exchanges and other autonomous market makers, similar to more conventional liquidity pools.

Whether NFTs Are Not Already Tokenized?

Yes, but their tokenization took place as ERC-721s, further indicating that they are unique and value-based on their special features, but that’s not all. This “tokenize the tokens” concept is based on the notion of using NFT as collateral as a foundation to generate a slew of fungible tokens with equal value, similar to ETH or BTC. It is possible to exchange deadfellaz 20 coins for Ethereum on the Uniswap platform.

The fractional ownership of NFTs is also possible with NFT20. Further, in order to avoid paying the total price of a single deadfellas NFT, which may be high for some of the collectors, hence they may want to purchase deadfellas 20 from the Pool, which represents a fractional ownership interest in a single deadfellas NFT.

DeadFellas token holders may now exchange 95 deadfellaz 20 tokens for their deadfellas nft by depositing them into the NFT20 Pool. A deadfellas nft may be traded for another or purchased straight from the Pool using ETH, which might save you money on gas. NFT tokenized NFT on the DeFi platform is a brand-new development. Only deadfellas is so “deep in the weeds” of DeFi innovation. This is a groundbreaking development.

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Acquisition of Decentraland Plots and the Linked Halloween Events

The deadfellaz metaverse project acquired 24 plots. On October 29th, 2021, Decentraland would welcome the “Deadzone 13.” An Ethereum wallet must be linked to the site to play Deadzone 13. In order to join the plot, you must have at least one deadfellas nft token in your wallet.

For the Halloween celebration in 2021, the deadfellas crew invited musicians and artists Jasmine Solano, Tim Baresko, and WUKI to participate. For the deadfellas and Aoki NFT holders, Deadzone 13 held another Halloween event with DJ Steve Aoki.

The Deadfellas Team’s Other Collections

13 limited-edition NFTs, dubbed infected deadfellas, were airdropped after the Halloween event in partnership with 13 guest artists. Airdrops occurred once a day, at the same time each day. Each guest artist developed a one-of-a-kind deadfellas artwork for the infected deadfellaz collection. The collection’s base price is now set at 0.95ETH.

Betty, the company’s creator, released an NFT collection pack during the 2021 Halloween season on the Nifty Gateway marketplace. Nine pieces of art, each with a limited edition of 25, presented Betty in a horror-inspired manner for the Betty Pop Horror collection. At the time of this writing, the collection has a 0.5ETH floor price on OpenSea.

Collaborations and Competitions Between Deadfellaz

The deadfellaz collection has been boosted by celebrity purchases, causing a media frenzy and a surge in sales. On September 28th, 2021, Elijah Wood purchased deadfellaz #9821, and trading activity in the project jumped by 20%. Two additional deadfellas, one of which was a present from ROMbrandt, are in the actor’s wallet.

An immersive gallery was created by the deadfellaz team in collaboration with Cyber, and twenty gallery settings were awarded to the “Draw the Undead” contest winners. In addition to the well-known NFT artist Fvckrender, many more luminaries were on the panel.

Jonathan Foerster took the first spot in the competition. In 2021, the team held a songwriting competition called Songs of the Dead, in which members of the community were requested to create a song based on the collection’s themes. In this case, the juries were the bands Doksan and Pussy Riot. Zaug, a musician, got 3 ETH as a reward for his entry into the contest.

Avatars may now ride about on NFT hoverboards, thanks to a collaboration between deadfellaz and the augmented reality firm Jadu. A total of 5,555 deadfellas hoverboards were coined on December 12th, 2021, at the price of 0.222ETH each. The raffle was open to all original deadfellas nft owners. The rarest deadfellaz NFT is #1054, according to rarity tools statistics. Only 2% of the collection contains purple fur, making this NFT unique. As of this writing, the OpenSea collection has a floor price of 1.83ETH, and the trading volume is 14ETH with an average price of 0.6622ETH.

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DeadFrenz’s Upcoming Album

“Frenz” is deadfellaz’s new NFT drop for 2022. The deadfellaz will accompany these new characters as they travel across the metaverse. There will be 13,000 DeadFrenz NFTs available. Original deadfellas holders may mint a free NFT for each wallet. Deadfellaz Infected and Betty Pop Horror pack owners will be provided with the opportunity to mint one NFT for 0.1ETH each.

The 72-hour time limit applies only to these three select groups. Afterward, the collection will be put up for sale to the general public. Additionally, a special DeadFrenz breed will be given to owners of the original NFTs with the white sunglasses, blue stripes, and dark grey brand shirt features.

The Future of DeadFellaz Is in Doubt

One of the most promising initiatives to watch in 2021, deadfellas earned a massive boost to its popularity in 2022, including a relationship with NFL wide receiver OBJ.

Here’s what the project’s schedule says:

The community will be able to buy sweatshirts, mugs, and tees in limited releases. High-quality vinyl stickers will be produced due to a partnership with a sticker firm. This time around, DeadZone13 will have additional elements, including mini-games, riddles, and a wearables shop. The Sandbox cooperation, which was hinted about in 2021, will commence formally. Youtooz Collectibles will collaborate with deadfellaz to produce vinyl collectibles. There will be a new wing dedicated just to music. It’s going to be named DEFI DEATH. Deadfellas owners will get 3D rigged replicas of the original 10,000. 2D NFTs will stay unchanged and will be used as avatars in the project’s future operations.

Final Thoughts

Deadfellaz isn’t quite a blue-chip NFT yet, but it has a lot of room for growth. DeFi and metaverse integrations are only two of the various ways in which the company’s executive team may use cryptocurrencies.

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