Less than a year has passed since Farmers World first went live. In that time, it has gathered a player base of over 150,000 throughout the globe and a Discord community of over 80,000 people.

Investors who prefer a hands-off approach may like the game’s passive nature. It requires an upfront financial outlay, and the anticipated return may not materialize for some time. Not much talent is required; rather, you need strategy and time.

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What Exactly Is Farmers World?

Produced by G.JIT JAPAN in Japan and using the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) public chain, the play-to-earn game Farmer’s World has become a hit among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. You may mine for food, wood, and gold in this inactive game. Each item has a different purpose and may be traded with other players.

Play for real money or just for fun, Farmers World brings you thrilling simulations of real-world agricultural tasks in the virtual world. You’ll be spending most of your time utilizing NFT equipment to gather the three materials, purchase NFT Land Plots for farming, and care for your NFT livestock. NFTs acquired this way may be traded for WAX on the secondary market.

Farmers World allows players to develop their farms, trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a market, and swap resources with other games. Farmers World doesn’t have a linear tale, but it was inspired by the National Library of Brazil’s historic “Manuscript No4848.” No one is making you read this mythology; we choose to.

The paper describes a mysterious culture that has adapted to living in the Amazonian jungle. It’s a bit confusing, but it involves an earthquake, a young man’s stone statue who “does not have a beard,” and some other things.

The unknown old civilization is in its infancy in Farmer’s World. Chopping wood, catching fish, farming, and mining for gold are all activities you’ll engage in as a player as you work to expand your civilization. If you’re going to do this for real, you may as well be paid for it. There’s a fair amount of strategy required to win, so let’s go through the fundamentals.

Farmers World: NFT Metaverse

A Global History of Farmer’s World

Farmers World made a few public appearances in July but didn’t really begin until August 1st, 2021. The game’s design was influenced by a documentary based on events in Brazil’s history called Manuscript No4848, which is housed in the country’s most prestigious library. The film provides a detailed account of Brazilian farming’s ancient history.

The game was designed to be a source of unexpected, intense fun. A brand-new kind of game that is sure to win over tens of thousands of fans. Since its first release, the game has made significant progress. Just a few instances of this shift are:

  • Tokens are listed on their website.
  • Adding in fresh content like playable characters and new stuff.
  • Having finished the smart contract and so allowing for a decentralized game.
  • They are clearing off their vintage wine.

More than ten big international investment firms have collaborated with them, and they have teamed up with individuals who share their goals for Farmers World’s future.

Taking part in a game of “Farmers World”

The game may be accessed at; after clicking the green “Play & Earn” button, you’ll be sent to the main menu where you can choose between using Wax Cloud Wallet or Anchor to log in. If you want to sell on the secondary market, you’ll also need to create an account with WAX, which you may do at When exchanging resources or minting NFTs in-game, gas costs apply since they fund blockchain transactions.

Once you’ve created an account and signed in, you may begin playing almost instantly. Equipment is necessary for participation in the game. Resources are gathered in-game using various tools. Create them yourself or acquire them through the drop system or secondary market of AtomicHub. You can’t make tools early on since you don’t have enough materials, so you’ll have to purchase them from the market instead.

In-game currency earning resources are as follows:

  • Tools for Working Wood (FWW) include axes, saws, and chainsaws.
  • Fishing rods, a fishing net, or a fishing boat may all be used to catch food (FWF).
  • In order to mine for gold (FWG), you will need a mining excavator.

You have a starting Energy of 200, and you’ll need to restore it so you can do things. Get food and restore your energy by using fishing equipment. A reliability score is assigned to each NFT instrument. In order to fix a tool with a durability of 0, you will require Gold.

Tools have durability values between 25 and 1,600 as their default. After using any given tool to mine for materials, you’ll have to wait one hour before you may use it again. You cannot use these items until the cooldown period ends.

At the beginning of the game, the Axe and the Fishing Rod are the two most useful tools, according to Farmers World. Chopping wood is a simple method to begin underway, and the Energy can be restored using the Fishing Rod, so we agree with you there.

Tokens need tools and energy to mine, resources to refill and repair tools so they can keep mining, resources mined to provide income for the purchase of further tools and energy, and so on in a never-ending loop.

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Membership Cards

The membership card is a “wearable” non-fungible token used to gain advantages in-game, such as the ability to mine more resources, more spaces for your tools, and more Energy.

Each tier of membership entails the following benefits and responsibilities:

Membership tier 1: Bronze (common)

Membership tier 2: Silver (uncommon)

Membership Tier 3: Gold (rare)

Membership tier 4: Diamond (epic)

Farmer Coin and Gold may be used to make Membership Cards good for either Level 1 or Level 2. As of this writing, a Silver Member card with Gold power was going for $1502. (4,400 WAX). In comparison, a Bronze Membership card costs just $70–$90 (or 200 WAX), making it a great option for students or anyone on a tight budget.

You’ll need to spend Energy using the cards to get the prizes. When a Member card is worn for a day and the time limit is not met, the default prize is given. More benefits will become available if you wait a few days. Reward claims for a single day need 100 Energy.

Getting your rewards after using your Member card for a longer period of time takes more effort: (number of days x 100). (100 energy)

Instructions on Farming and Gardening

In September of 2021, players were able to farm and cultivate the land. Growing crops, keeping cattle, and raising poultry all need at least one Farm Plot, Cowshed, and Coop, respectively.

The NFTs that come into play while tending livestock and crops are:

  • Arable Land
  • Milk
  • Cowshed
  • Coop
  • Small Cattle Calf
  • Cow
  • Bull
  • Dairy Cow
  • Chicken Egg
  • Chick
  • Chicken
  • Barley
  • Corn

Construct a Hen House, Chicken Coop, or Grassy Field with the Help of Wood and Gold. Crop irrigation requires a significant amount of energy when working with live plants. For example, a young calf’s NFT card would be burnt and reissued as a calf’s card once it reached maturity, and then a dairy cow’s or bull’s card once it reached adulthood.

Other considerations for farming and livestock raising:

  • Calves must drink milk in order to grow and develop properly.
  • Barley is an essential feed for cows.
  • In order to produce milk, dairy cows must eat barley.
  • Chickens and chicks need a diet high in barley.
  • Between each animal feeding, a timer will count down.
Farmers World

Which Are The Token For Farmers World?

When you play Farmer’s World, you’ll need WAX tokens. WAX was designed to be used as a protocol token on a blockchain. Farmers World NFTs may be purchased using WAX.

Tokens For Farmers World: Where To Get Them?

WAX can be bought and sold on several cryptocurrency marketplaces including and Farmers World (FWW) is a network token for WAX that serves as a means of governance inside the Farmers World ecosystem. The total amount of supplies is a mystery. In the game, you’ll need certain tokens to progress. Resource tokens are the term for them.

FWW: With this token, you may mine wood.

FWF: This coin is a food-focused cryptocurrency. 

FWG: This token may be used in the gold mining operation. 

FWW tokens may be made with any cutting tool, including axes, saws, and chainsaws. While FWF tokens may be harvested using fishing equipment such as rods, nets, and boats. FWG coins may be mined using digging machines. You can make tools in kind using these tokens.

Binance, Coinmarketcap, and the Alcor Exchange all feature the Farmers World currency. Tokens of types FWW, FWF, and FWG may be acquired on the Alcor decentralized exchange.

Tokens are a kind of currency that may be acquired in-game. It may also be used to purchase non-real money things from the in-game NFTs store. Although the Farmers World token has been released, the WAX token is still required in order to play the game.

Farmer World’s Market Cost

The cost of Farmer World is present at $0.000010, however it may increase as more features are added.

How To Play Farmers World?

The game’s setting is a Farmland that’s still in its early stages. Participants plant seeds, tend to crops, and eventually reap the rewards of their labors by tending to cattle.

Players will control characters such

  • Bull
  • Dairy Cow
  • Newborn calf
  • Calf
  • Chick
  • Chicken
  • Jungle monsters

Gold, wood, and food are all in-game resources that players may harvest for use in the game or to sell for a profit. To get started, either the player buys tools from the market or uses game tokens to craft their own.

If they want to make use of Food money, players will also need a boat, net, and rod. Use an ax, saw, or chainsaw to harvest wood for currency. Using Wood Coin, you can get your hands on any instrument of exploitation. A mining machine is required to extract gold from the coins.

It’s possible to fix the essential equipment using Gold. Gold coins may be spent on brand new pieces of gear as well. Mines utilize a wide variety of equipment, and all of it has to be properly outfitted.

To fish, for instance, a player must first acquire a fishing rod, which they might then equip. In order to mine without stopping, you must wait for the countdown to expire before initiating the next mining operation.

After being used to mine resources, each tool has a one-hour cooldown. Confirmed mining yields in-game currency known as FWF instantly upon completion. A countdown clock starts, and the strength index begins to drop.

Your character’s health will deplete as you continue the extraction; use the Food Coin to restore it. It’s also recommended to have a Cowshed for housing cattle and a Chicken Coop for your feathered friends. When cultivating plants, you’ll need to water them occasionally, which will drain your Energy. You’ll start with 200 Energy, which can’t be used up until it’s replenished.

Managing your farm’s animals and expanding your fields are both essential game objectives. Calves can only survive on milk. Barley is an essential feed for veal calves, dairy cows, chicks, and hens. The time between animal feedings is quantified. As infant animals mature, their NFT cards are discarded and new ones are issued.

In-game aids consist of:

  • Fishing pole
  • Fishing Net
  • Fishing Boat
  • Axe
  • Saw
  • Chainsaw

Your exploitation revenues might go up or down depending on how sophisticated your working instruments are. These resources are available for purchase on Atomichub.

Farmers World NFTs: NFT Metaverse

Farmers World Setup Instructions

The game’s creators are now working on an app that will allow gamers to enjoy the game on the go. Which means you can’t enjoy it on the go just yet. However, the game is also available for play on desktop computers at the address

Farmers World: The Art of Making Money

Payment is required before you can begin playing Farmers World. With an initial investment of $500 USD, you may purchase one Stone Axe and use the remaining funds to stake in the Wax Cloud Wallet. It costs around $2,000 to get going in the gold mining industry.

In-game Mining Excavators may be purchased from the market at AtomicHub for as much as 4,700 WAX. Wood, Food, and Farm plots are good places to start since they don’t need as much money up front unless you’re willing to put several thousand dollars into the game all at once.

When resources are committed, there are two primary methods for generating revenue:

Dig for supplies. Gather raw materials like wood and food or gold and sell them in the bazaar. With the game’s Exchange feature, you may trade one resource for another, such as Wood for Gold. You may also make and sell Member cards that you make yourself; more on that in a moment.

Maintain a farm and grow your own food. Profits may be made through trading in farm animals and food on the secondary market. Chickens, turkeys, cows, bulls, grain, and more may all be found here. Milk for Barley is an example of an animal resource that may be traded for grain. 

As of February 2022, you’ll need between $1,500 and $2,000 to begin Gold mining. That’s correct, you saw a typo and it wasn’t your imagination. A Mining Excavator, required for extracting Gold in-game, can be purchased for roughly $1,600 (4,700 WAX) on AtomicHub’s market. Unless you’re prepared to immediately invest several thousand dollars into the game, novice players should begin by acquiring Wood, Food, and Farm plots since doing so require less money upfront.

In Farmers World, what do NFTs stand for?

Many of the items in Farmer’s World are non-fungible tokens, such as tools, animals, clothing, and more. Several examples are as follows:

  • Beginner Pack
  • Chicken Pack
  • Spotlight Pack
  • Baby calf
  • Corn
  • Corn Seed
  • Barley
  • Barley Seed
  • Coop
  • Farm Plot
  • Bull
  • Farmer Coin

How To Acquire NFTs on Farmers World? 

In order to acquire Farmers World NFTs, WAX may be used in the AtomicHub market. The AtomicHub NFT Marketplace may be accessed in two simple ways:

To find Farmers World NFTs, go to the game’s marketplace by clicking the blue button labeled “Atomic” on the main menu. 

Explore the Farmers World collection at These NFTs’ prices range widely. A user advertised a Bull for more than $40,000 (122,000 WAX), the equivalent of a new vehicle. Alternatively, Farm Plots, another NFT, only cost about $20 per plot. To purchase and sell NFTs on the AtomicHub marketplace, a cryptocurrency wallet is required. Three wallets are supported: WAX Cloud Wallet, Anchor, and Scatter.

Farmer’s World NFTs: How To Market Them

Just click the blue Atomic button in the menu, link your WAX wallet, and then offer your NFTs for sale. To sell NFTs, you may also visit and link your wallet. To buy and trade NFTs on AtomicHub, you will need one of the following wallets: WAX Cloud Wallet, Anchor, or Scatter.

We searched the Farmers World collection listings from cheapest to most expensive and found an item listed for less than 0.01 WAX (which is theoretically equivalent to $0 USD). Upper-end listings typically range from 800,000 to 400,000 WAX (about $98,000 to $49,000 USD). Simply said, costs vary widely. Most often, Farmer Coins, Mining Excavators, and Member Cards are the most expensive NFTs.

Creators of Farmers World

However, other than the fact that they go by the name “G.JIT JAPAN,” we don’t know anything much more about the studio behind the game’s creation. We did some digging and found out that G.JIT JAPAN is a Japanese firm that began operations at the same time Farmers World did.

Even while anonymity is a hallmark of decentralized apps, when it comes to dealing with real money and actual games, we are more likely to have faith in a studio that is open about its history, creators, and investors. The makers of Farmers World and the game itself don’t seem very eager to debunk that fact, so take it as you will.

Farmers World Roadmap

The game is getting an Android and iOS mobile release. Farmer’s World isn’t only getting new faces and goods; it’s also getting new capabilities!

  • Grow some fruit trees.
  • Prepare weapons by forging them.
  • Equip yourself with weapons.
  • Keep farms safe.

It’s possible that in Farmer’s World, players will be able to barter goods and services with one another. Exactly what this means is unclear, and a future update is planned.

Cons And Advantages of Farmers World

The possible benefits and drawbacks of Farmers World are outlined below.


  • A rise in earnings.
  • Excellent options for gamers.
  • A game with no central server or other centralized control.


  • A high initial investment is required.
  • Poor or nonexistent means of conveying information.
  • The cost of essentials has plummeted.


  • The Income Rises: Due to its high earning potential, this game is a wise investment. Participants in the De-Fi market stand to increase their earnings potential.
  • Unparalleled capabilities in the gaming industry: Numerous fantastic gaming elements may be found in Farmers’ World. Raising animals, tending the land, building structures. It’s a reflection of the creators’ dedication to the satisfaction of their players.
  • Distributed gameplay: Although we know a Japanese corporation developed Farmers World, unlike centralized games, no one entity owns or controls the game. Since the game is based on blockchain technology, all of your progress and any things or experiences you earn while playing may be taken with you to another game and utilized again.


  • Very expensive to start: In Farmers World, you’ll need roughly $500 to get started, what with buying a stone axe and staking some WAX on a cloud wallet. It needs a mining excavator, which is quite expensive, to extract gold from the ground.
  • Due to a breakdown in communication: Concerns have been voiced by certain members of the Farmers World community. Since May, there has been no news or updates. The group working on this project typically reported progress once a month. However, there has been no such update since February.
  • Materials prices have plummeted: Some of the game’s resources have seen price reductions, which is good news. That’s why lots of people are trying to burn lots of stuff every day.

The Bottom Line

Playing Farmers World takes time and patience. It takes time for tools to cool down, for animals and crops to mature, and for your characters to regain energy. The game is played at a distance and requires careful strategy and planning to win.

The gameplay isn’t anything special, but if you’re a gamer who wants to make money without relying on your skills, it might be worth checking out.

All investment/financial opinions expressed by are not recommendations. This article is educational material. As always, make your own research prior to making any kind of investment.
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