The open metaverse ecosystem that Futureverse has built is the result of the consolidation of eight Web3 enterprises.

To do this, we must work together to build a unified metaverse environment where everyone can contribute to the common objective of making the Web3 and open metaverse better for everyone. I can’t think of anybody else who has done this before except Animoca Brands; they’re the first to successfully combine the metaverse and Web3 into a single roll-up plan.

Who knew the company’s headquarters would be in Auckland, New Zealand, the unlikely birthplace of the metaverse? In an interview with GamesBeat, Aaron McDonald and Shara Senderoff, two of Futureverse’s cofounders, explained that the platform results from five years of planning, study, and development that laid the groundwork for an open and scalable metaverse infrastructure featuring high-quality content and a vibrant user base.

By merging these eight businesses, Futureverse has grown to employ over 300 people in 16 countries and produce substantial income. McDonald and Senderoff aren’t the only ones who started the company; Marco Brondani, a technologist, and Daniel Gillespie, a financial leader, are also involved. What’s particularly impressive is how covertly the corporation developed a “metaverse operating system.”

Our moment in the spotlight has finally arrived. “You don’t want to pull the lever on marketing or client acquisition until you have the infrastructure if you’re attempting to accomplish something like what we’re doing,” McDonald said. Since it has only one opportunity to be done, customers must have a positive encounter to return. Our goal is to introduce previously unexplored parts of Web3 to a wider audience. It relies heavily on providing satisfying experiences to end users. This, of course, takes some time.

According to McDonald, the company’s CEO, infrastructure is key for the metaverse to become a reality. A decentralized blockchain network emphasizing user experience, The Root Network vertically integrates the four pillars of the Futureverse foundation—identity, AI, payments, and communication.

For the last five years, our team has been building the infrastructure and resources necessary for communities to participate in shaping the future. “We’re helping businesses and content makers provide their users the kind of open metaverse experience they’ve been dreaming about,” McDonald said. When we think of the metaverse, it’s not as a single, unified software run by a single firm. If you want to travel around the metaverse with your passport, friends, communications, funds, and content, you need Futureverse as your gateway.

Also, the firm is adding a layer of user-created material with a narrative at its core to make things come to life. The Futureverse bundle combines these essential components of the “open metaverse” in one place to enhance the user experience and speed up adoption.

“Many businesses will proudly tell you that they are shaping the future. Certainly not,” Senderoff said. Our firm conviction is that the future can only be envisioned by working together. The only decentralized concept is the concept of the future. Futureverse “propose[s] a more virtuous paradigm for the internet, both in ideals and technology, intended to influence the future and who controls it jointly.


Businesses part of the Futureverse conglomerate

  • The leading artificial intelligence protocol, Altered State Machine, is used to virtual power characters and gaming material in the metaverse.
  • Designing ecological avatars and world settings (such as FLUF World) and developing “DOT,” Dynamic Object Transformer 3D automated avatar and asset production software, Non-Fungible Labs is a creative and engineering firm.
  • Sylo created the Sylo protocol, which uses The Seekers’ gamified node architecture to facilitate decentralized communications inside the metaverse.
  • Centrapay is a software development kit (SDK) for making digital asset payments in widespread international payment systems.
  • Centrapass is the creator of the open-source digital identification protocol/software development kit (SDK) and the decentralized asset custody system.
  • Using the Immersive Multi-Chain Payment Protocol, users may make purchases on both the web3 and metaverse networks, thanks to a product from Mastercard®.
  • Los Angeles-based animation company Shadows Interactive is most well-known for its work on the Party Bear movies.
  • The video game company Altered Phoenix has worked on projects across various genres and platforms.

This combination strengthens Futureverse’s position as a market leader in terms of total NFTs, NFT transactions, unique holders, and NFTs per holder, in addition to the technological infrastructure that supports them.

Aaron McDonald, co-author of the Futureverse, to help our communities influence the future, “We have invested the past five years in establishing the foundations for doing so. We’re making it possible for businesses and content makers to provide their users with the accessible, immersive experience they envision in the metaverse. The metaverse is not a single piece of software owned and operated by a single company. Your passport, friends, conversations, money, and content are all stored in Futureverse and can be accessed from any app in the metaverse with a simple login.”

“Many businesses will proudly tell you that they are creating the future. The answer is no; we are not, “Shara Senderoff, co-founder of Futureverse, states thus. “The future is something we can see only through working together. The only decentralized concept is the concept of the future. Futureverse offers a paradigm for the internet that is more virtuous in terms of both morals and technology, intending to shape its future and determine its ultimate controllers jointly.”

Strategic relationships and a wide variety of projects with the likes of Authentic Brands Group, Timbaland, Muhammad Ali Enterprises, FIFA, Snoop Dogg, Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves, and more to be disclosed soon have amassed a significant cultural influence for Futureverse in the Web3 sector and beyond.

The Content

The Futureverse includes not just the recently announced FIFA AI LEAGUE and Muhammad Ali: The Next Legends, but also fan favorites like the Party Bears, Fluffs, Thingies, Burrows, ATEM Car Club, ASM Genesis Brains, The Seekers, and AIFA All-Stars.

Modern Tools

The Root Network, a new blockchain infrastructure, is at the heart of the Futureverse, with an identification protocol, AI platform, communication protocol, payment rails, and character creation technologies. The Futureverse merger brought together the fundamental components for building the basis of any metaverse application.

Futureverse aspires to be the global leader in onboarding the next generation of Open Metaverse and Web3 users, all developing and creating the future together, with user safety and experience at the center of their mission. On top of this framework, a thick layer of material with strong community network effects may be built.


A Basis For The Future

Futureverse also has a philanthropic foundation called Futureverse Foundation, and artists Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves serve as consultants to the organization. The Futureverse Foundation finances underserved artists, creatives, and communities in the virtual and physical worlds to create more varied, egalitarian, and inclusive environments.

Futureverse Foundation’s mission is to promote and show the work of underrepresented artists across digital and physical channels, intending to increase socio-economic equality and support artists worldwide.

The Futureverse Foundation will provide funding to help underserved and diverse artists develop their skills for use on international stages. The Futureverse Foundation is dedicated to maintaining a robust, secure, and ever-evolving metaverse for its users.

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