People have started purchasing land in Metaverse in greater numbers ever since they learned that they may easily make $5,000 by doing so. If you want to make more money, I’m sure you’ll be ready to acquire land in Metaverse, but the very first question that might strike your mind is how much metaverse land costs.

While sitting at your work, imagine a world where you can visit an art museum, receive a Tarot reading and watch a dog show all at the same time.

How To Get Into The Metaverse and What To Expect

That’s definitely a possibility. Imagine spending $6,000 for just one of these 16 by 16-meter squares of the planet. Now, just a moment, please.

With 90,000 plots of land in the virtual metropolis of Decentraland, their worth is increasing by the minute. It’s only one of several metaverses where you may buy, sell, or simply ride along. And this is actual money at stake.

Approximately the same as Visa’s second quarter 2021 transaction volume, Ethereum’s blockchain hosted Decentraland Deliver. The future of digital ownership seems to lie in virtual real estate.

How Much Does Metaverse Land Cost

It is equipped with the ability to usher in a new decade of decentralized finance because of its innovative technologies. Now that we have started with it, there’s no turning back.

I’m going to show you a handful of different methods for acquiring Metaverse real estate. Everything you need to know about this is here including how much does metaverse land cost. Let’s get this show on the road.

To begin, let’s have a look at a real example of a Metaverse. Decentraland is the place to go for answers to this question. Do you want to invest in Metaverse real estate? Is there a price, location, and method of purchase?

1. DECENTRALAND – The Metaverse’s Most Popular Land for Buying Property


Metaverses like this one are among the biggest and most popular out there. Over 20 million people have used Decentraland to date. There are also a slew of massive concerts, the largest of which was hosted at Decentraland if memory serves me well. The answer is that it’s a computer-generated environment.

The Decentraland metaverse is a virtual environment where you may communicate, meet with friends, play video games, attend concerts, and construct anything you want. What I mean by that is, of course, to say that The first example we’ll use is Decentraland, which is one of the most well-known blockchain projects. And there are several possibilities.


Decentraland: How to Purchase Metaverse Real Estate?

The following are the processes necessary to purchase real estate in Metaverse.

  • Choose a virtual land from the Decentraland marketplace. Just the way you will in the actual world, look for the property. Take a look at what’s close by, where you are, etc. Sort by name or the cheapest piece to find the virtual land here.
  • Also, the lowest price I’ve seen for Metaverse virtual land is 3890 Mana right now. The Metaverse virtual world’s currency is Mana. We must pay at least 3890 Mana in order to purchase virtual land in Metaverse. If you want to acquire real estate on a particular Metaverse platform, you must first purchase that platform’s own money or token. As a result, bear this in mind. Manna tokens are being used on this platform.
  • As of right now, this land costs 3890 Mana to purchase. One guy now costs about $2.70 USD. So, in order to purchase land in the Decentralnd Metaverse, we will need to fork out around $10,000.
  • And if this Metaverse becomes more well-known, its value will almost certainly rise.

It’s unclear how Decentraland Metaverse’s users are generating money.

People in Decentraland purchase and sell NFTs in the form of art, music, and digital clothing, which are collectively referred to as “wearables.” Yes, actual money is being used to purchase, sell, and rent digital land via MANA. It is impossible to reproduce any of the 90,256 square meter parcels that make up Metaverse’s virtual land. Each parcel is a certified NFT. Exactly like a piece of real estate.

2. Upland – 2nd most Popular Metaverse Where We Can Buy Real Estate

The next Metaverse that I’d like to share with you is one that I think you’ll like a lot. The name of this one is Upland. In essence, they’re making their best efforts to build a digital replica of the physical environment. And so they’ve picked cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, for example, from around the United States. And they’ve made it into a “virtual world” where you may visit and purchase real estate in San Francisco, California.

It’s just like Google Maps in every way. When viewing streets, you have the option of zooming in to see the posted street right in front of you. Furthermore, if you so like, you may own this little plot of land in the metaverse located in San Francisco.

Consequently, I don’t know what the entire range of uses will be in the future for this technology. Obviously, some construction and some utilities would there be found to go along with it. However, this is an interesting idea.

I’ve never seen something like this before. As a result, they’re building a digital reproduction of the actual world, but in Metaverse format, and you may own property here. Many people will be impressed by this Earth-like copy.

And that’s a pretty interesting use of the technology. There is a little sign-up incentive even if you don’t own any property yet. I’m quite sure they’ve gamified it such that every property you purchase here will pay for you to rent, which in turn will allow you to create a little bit more ups.

How To Invest In The Metaverse

3. Cryptovoxels — A Virtual World Created by Individuals

Now, I’d want to tell you about a project called Cryptovoxels, which allows you to acquire property in the metaverse. You may purchase land and construct whatever you desire, display your NF Ts, and create games in this digital environment.

After exiting from this, you may purchase land in this area for a little over $1.46 in the marketplace. Consequently, the price, answering how much does metaverse land cost is a little lower. And it’s a lot of fun, too. As a result, the Crypto Voxels Metaverse property requires a down payment of $5,000.


Finally, I’d like to introduce you to Somnium Metaverse Space, a virtual reality platform. I assume this platform is still in beta mode, and they’re just getting started. And it hasn’t yet reached its final form. On the other hand, this is an alternate metaverse with somewhat improved visuals. This one, on the other hand, allows you to purchase real estate.

Somnium Metaverse is shown in this image. You can zoom in on this to get a closer look, and the overall impression I get is somewhat reminiscent of Singapore.

On Somnium, there are several metaverses to select from, therefore this is the metaverse on Somnium.

Right now, it’s hard to predict which of them will be a big hit

5. Metaverse.Properties: The world’s first Metaverse real-estate agency


In terms of velocity, volume, and the kind of money involved, it does seem like Decentraland is leading the pack. But it’s always a good idea to have a variety of solutions available. Clicking on “purchase land at” will bring you a list of the best places to acquire property in The Metaverse, with the lowest prices. You’ll also be able to see all of the available land prices.

However, we have yet to test out this new product. But there is a Metaverse REIT advertised. Furthermore, real estate investment trusts (REITs) invest money in real estate and then provide dividends to shareholders depending on the rental or income that real estate produces. It’s claimed by this platform that they’re the first virtual real estate REIT of any type. And I believe they have a terrific possibility if they can execute and if everything goes according to plan.


Finally, this is the end of the article. Those are the five or six metaverses where you can acquire real estate and also I hope we have answered your query by providing the appropriate answer to how much metaverse land cost.

This is the first virtual real estate firm in the world that allows you to own the property and all of those numerous metaverses, as well as to invest in them all.

My recommendation is that you go with this. Also, if you’d like to view more of the metaverse or learn more about it, feel free to save this site to your favorites.

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