Plant Vs Undead is a blockchain game that you play in order to earn. Similar to other games of this kind, it provides NFTs and several other game assets that may help the players generate revenue.

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Developers have pledged to improve the game’s current version, which is still under development. Plant vs Undead (PVU) tokens are already being generated in farming mode by numerous gamers all around the globe every day. Continue reading this article to understand better what is plant vs undead and how to play plant vs undead.

How To Play Plant vs Undead: Complete Guide - NFT Metaverse

What Do You Understand by Plant Vs Undead?

Plant Vs. Undead is a game on blockchain that is very similar to the multiplayer tower defense game. The objective of this particular game is to protect all the plant species along with the mother tree from the Undead. In the event of a meteorite hit, an army of Undead emerges in order to wreak havoc on the world. Plant vs. Undead is also similar to Plant vs. Zombies in many ways. However, the only difference is the involvement of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as the game’s assets. 

In order to safeguard the mother tree, the user must acquire a variety of plants. These plants are readily available NFTs that may be bought on the open market. There are eight plant varieties in the farming mode and multiple game rounds to successfully plant them. An ultimate objective is to create a plant farm that can withstand assaults by the Undead. As with other PVP games, Plant vs. Undead is challenging and addicting for those who have loved Plant vs. Zombies, Balloon Tower Defense, and other similar games.

How To Play Plant Vs Undead

How to Play Plant vs Undead NFT Game to Earn Money - NFT Metaverse

Step 1. Integrate MetaMask with the PancakeSwap wallet.

NFTs, including plants, mother trees, and land, can only be bought utilizing PVU tokens in Plant vs. Undead’s marketplace, which is required for farming. MetaMask wallet is needed. Hence you can link your MetaMask wallet to the PancakeSwap with the help of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

BNB fees were required for all transactions on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Hence you must have some BNB in your MetaMask wallet. PVU tokens may also be purchased using BNB, and you’ll need the remainder to cover network costs when you buy assets in the game. We advise you to save 0.05 BNB in your wallet as a contingency in case of future network fees.

Step 2. PancakeSwap is a great place to get PVU tokens.

On PancakeSwap, you may buy PVU tokens using BNB. To begin farming in Plant vs. Undead, PVU would be required to purchase NFT plants from the marketplace. Light Energy (LE) tokens may only be purchased using PVU tokens. Consider logging into the Plant vs. Undead marketplace to check how much an NFT plant is currently being sold for.

The wallet may be disconnected from PancakeSwap when you complete the transaction and register yourself into the game. After purchasing PVU tokens, you may not be able to view your cash in your MetaMask wallet. The token’s address must be imported in order to view the money in your wallet. It’s possible that it won’t show up right away.

Step 3: The Plant vs. Undead Marketplace may be linked to your wallet.

Visit and click on PVE Mode, followed by the marketplace. Metamask will prompt users to link the program you’ve just downloaded in the new window. The dashboard will appear when you first log in to Plant vs. Undead.

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Step 4: You may start farming by purchasing NFTs from the marketplace.

The only way to grow your farm is to invest in plants, a mother tree, and land now that the seeds option has been eliminated. A free land plot is available for new players to claim at the start of the game. You can only claim the land once you’ve entered the game. Thus it’s not listed here in the market.

Plant vs. Undead’s NFTs is compensated in PVU. Before it garnered all the attention, the game was completely free to play. The cost of the game rises as more people join in. Saplings and sunflower mamas may also be planted on a player’s territory according to the number of available slots after purchasing the NFT plant.

You can buy three saplings and one sunflower mama to occupy your territory if you have already purchased 2 NFTs. You’ll need at least one NFT plant to get started. Getting only one NFT will enable you to trade your LE tokens.

Step 5: Transform PVU tokens into LE.

You may convert some PVU tokens into LE tokens by visiting My Account on the same interface. The LE tokens may be redeemed for agricultural equipment in the future. MetaMask will reconfirm the transaction and display the BNB charge on clicking Convert. For all transactions and conversions, you will have to pay a transaction charge in BNB, which will be deducted from your balance.

Step 6: Plant vs. Undead may be played using an android emulator on a computer.

The game is only accessible using the APK present on the website as the game is currently under development. The desktop version is in the works. If that version is ready by the time you read this, congratulations! You don’t need to do this. That means you’re stuck with using an APK on your PC unless the website offers another method for you to access the game. An Android emulator must be installed to execute the APK file. With NoxPlayer, an Android Emulator, we can run Plant vs. Undead on a PC and play against each other. Download and install the app.

Step 7: Plant vs. Undead may be installed on your device.

Look at the Plant vs. Undead webpage again and see what’s going on. Click on Download Android after clicking the PVE mode. In order to launch the APK, you’ll need the Android emulator from step 6. Install APK using the NoxPlayer emulator. The Nox app’s lateral right side has a dedicated button for installing APKs. A QR code will then be asked for when the app is opened.

Step 8. Now Your Plant vs. Undead account must be accessed.

Obtain the QR code from your Marketplace account by simply following the steps. You have bought the plant NFTs and transformed your PVU tokens into LE tokens here. If you’re already on a computer, you may take a snapshot of the QR code and then drag and drop it into your Android emulator’s files. Select Choose from Photos when you return to the game. You can now log in to your account by choosing the QR code capture.

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Plant vs. Undead is currently in the early stages of being developed, and the game will improve with time. In the future, there will be new versions of the game. The game still contains flaws, and you’re likely to experience them during your first playthrough.

Even though Plant vs. Undead is no longer a free-to-play game, it is still relatively affordable to play the game. To acquire the PVU tokens and cover the gas costs, you’ll probably need less than $20 in BNB. Because of this, NFT prices rise when more participants join the game, which means that PVU token prices also rise.

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