Automobili Lamborghini, in association with NFT PRO and INVNT.ATOM will debut the first pilot for its newly tailored NFT series, “The Epic Road Trip,” on August 8, 2022. Lamborghini, the undisputed king of super sports cars, is gearing up for an incredible NFT series, spread out over a period of 8 months, after two previous releases were met with great success. Each NFT is a short animation with sound lasting between 30 seconds and a minute, and consumers will be asked to take part in “The Epic Road Trip” until it concludes in March of 2023.

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“Since 1963, the year of its establishment, Automobili Lamborghini has always been at the forefront,” said Christian Mastro, Automobili Lamborghini’s Director of Marketing. “This has been demonstrated by its high-performance sports automobiles, which continue to feature prominently in the daydreams of individuals of all ages all across the world.” That hope finds a logical and inevitable realization in the use of NFTs to enter the digital space of contemporary collecting. New Forms of Expression (NFTs) are novel, unusual, and highly selective proposals that are facilitating innovative ways of expressing ideas among today’s youth.

Beginning on Monday, August 8th at, the next Lamborghini NFT experience will have four drops spread out over those four days. Base NFTs, which are available to everybody, will be released throughout the course of the first three days, with the limited-edition Rare NFTs (of which there are only 63) following on Day 4.

A homage to Lamborghini’s foundation year of 1963, the retail price of the 3 different open versions of NFTs will be $196.30 each, while the retail price of the uncommon NFT will be $1,963.


Please note that the selling period for each drop is 24 hours and that this pattern will be repeated once a month for 8 months, providing collectors enough time to amass all the pieces of the jigsaw. Those who have collected all three ordinary NFTs or all three standard NFTs plus the special edition NFT will be rewarded with a unique NFT when the campaign concludes.

“Lamborghini fans and cryptocurrency connoisseurs will be startled by this next round of drops that culminate in a very unusual revelation next March,” said Christian Ferri, CEO of NFT PROTM, Lamborghini’s debut partner and expert in contact with consumers of Web3. The NFT team is pleased to continue working with Lamborghini to offer you this exclusive capsule collection.

NFT collectors will have early access to upcoming drops from Lamborghini, NFT PRO, and INVNT.ATOM, as well as entry to an exclusive Discord channel for those invited by the three companies. Also, completing the set of accessible and uncommon NFTs will provide access to bonus features and a unique NFT prize. For the most current Lamborghini curated collection, INVNT managed the whole creation process, from idea to approach to layout to content to marketing.

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As INVNT GROUP’s digital innovation branch, ATOM serves clients all over the globe.

INVNT GROUP President and CEO Scott Cullather said, “Our previous collaboration with Lamborghini — auctioning off a 1:1 NFT attached to the last physical Aventador Coupé super sportscar — was a testament to how impactful storytelling at the digital frontier cultivates community and consumer engagement.” Growing our partnership with Lamborghini and NFT PRO to respect Lamborghini’s innovative spirit and rich history dating back to 1963 is a tremendous honor for us.

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