Louis Vuitton, a favorite among luxury fashionistas, released Louis: The Game in August 2021. In the game, players join a girl called Vivienne as she explores a digital world in quest of limited-edition Louis Vuitton NFTs postcards, which are really NFTs. In an effort to connect and engage a younger demographic, the company has announced the release of updated gaming content and new NFTs with information about the 200th anniversary of the company.

Louis Vuitton isn’t content to merely auction off NFTs; instead, they’re inviting fans to play a game and complete puzzles for a chance to win one of 10 distinct Louis Vuitton NFTs of Vivienne wearing various styles from the company. In addition, users may use them as profile pictures across a variety of social networking platforms, which is something that younger generations place a significant amount of importance on.

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More than two million copies of Louis: The Game have reportedly been downloaded since it was released for both Android and iOS. With the new update, players who have already completed the game’s introductory level (which is included in the original release and will remain accessible to new players) will get access to two more levels.

Louis Vuitton NFT: NFT Metaverse

Helping Vivienne find the sixteen pages of a document that chronicles the history of the brand’s founder and the now-iconic trunks that he began creating in France in 1858 is the objective of the game. Designed by Wenew Labs and Mike Winkelmann (aka Beelpe), whose NFT sold at Christie’s for $69 million in 2021, the postcards were released in early 2020.

The LVMH group, of which Louis Vuitton is a part, is a worldwide corporation that owns 76 different brands and is experimenting with making its goods more appealing to users in virtual environments. The Aurora Blockchain Consortium was introduced by LVMH in April 2021 as a blockchain built for the luxury industry. For its Louis: The Game app, Louis Vuitton incorporates PFP-inspired NFT Louis Vuitton rewards, so that users can win NFTs while also learning about the brand’s heritage.

The Evolution of Fashion Into the Digital Age

Louis Vuitton, a luxury fashion label, has implemented NFTs similar to PFPs into its mobile game Louis: The Game. Just a year and a half have passed since the release of the brand’s standalone mobile app game, which guides players through the company’s two-hundred-year history. The addition of PFP Louis Vuitton NFTs game prizes increases player engagement and helps the game gain traction.

This new initiative by LV demonstrates the industry’s continuous dedication to investigating Metaverse potential. About fifty high-end labels sold virtual and tangible goods using NFTs during the first-ever metaverse fashion week, which took place last month.

Since the meteoric growth of Metaverse, high-end retailers have been experimenting with NFTs and games in an effort to reach a wider audience. The majority of Metaverse users are members of Generation Z, and with an estimated $143 billion to spend, this demographic represents a lucrative market for the fashion industry. The rapid pace of innovation in digital fashion is due in large part to the $800 billion metaverse business potential.

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Louis: The Game

In August 2021, Louis: The Game was released as a fashionable app where users could create their own virtual character called Vivienne and earn postcards detailing 200 years of Louis Vuitton’s history. The business reportedly updated the app with new objectives and NFT incentives, as reported by Vogue Business.

Until August 4, players that gather a particular quantity of free NFTs in-game will be entered into a lottery for even more free NFTs. The date is the same as Louis Vuitton’s birthday, as revealed on one of the game’s postcards. The 10 new NFTs showcase Vivienne, the game’s avatar, in a variety of outfits, and will be raffled off to players who meet the raffle’s eligibility requirements. In the end, the winners will have NFTs that function much like a PFP and can be used across many platforms.

Using the Louis Vuitton NFTs Ethereum wallet, fresh NFTs were produced in partnership with events firm Wenew Labs, owned by Beeple artist Mike Winkelmann. Together with Wenew Lab’s sibling firm Possible, the game’s first release included the construction of smart contracts for the NFTs.

Lauch of Exclusive New NFTs

Even better is when nobody is interested in purchasing it. It’s one of a kind and hard to get your hands on until you win. Putting this treasure on your online profile and letting the world see it is like capturing lightning in a bottle. In fact, Louis Vuitton is counting on this very thing with their latest NFT line.

Exposing the History

Louis Vuitton celebrated its bicentennial in August of ’21. To mark the occasion, they released an adventure game in which customers could have a good time while also learning about LV and earning NFTs. Players may customize Vivienne, an avatar based on the brand, in a virtual environment. Six distinct worlds await discovery, and 200 celebratory candles may be gathered as players progress.

The goal of the game is to run about, jump, and collect historical postcards that tell the narrative of the company. Various LV monogram colors and patterns are available for use in character creation. There were thirty postcards and NFTs up for grabs. Players have noted the game’s depth and addiction. The popular Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been used as an example. Separate from the main game, Louis: The Game has been downloaded over two million times on iOS and Android. Now that all 30 NFTs have been distributed, Louis Vuitton can go on to the next stage of the NFTs and the game.

The Upcoming Show

New missions and NFT awards were recently revealed by the corporation. The game’s avatar will appear on ten brand-new NFTs. For those that play to a specific level, there will be a possibility to enter an NFT raffle. These NFTs are inspired by profile pictures (PFPs), and they will be given out at random to Louis gamers. The victors who choose to proudly exhibit these PFPs will be able to demonstrate their status, demonstrate their engagement in the community, and promote the importance of their culture to the world.

The company has revealed, without providing specifics, that it would be constructing real-world settings that complement Louis: The Game, such as the Louis Vuitton family residence in Asnières and in Los Angeles. Wenew Labs, which was founded by Beeple artist Mike Winkelmann, is a cutting-edge business alliance for the firm. Wenew Labs partnered with Gucci on their 10KTF initiative so that users may virtually outfit famous people in Gucci.

Louis Vuitton NFTs

The Path Ahead

Louis Vuitton keeps their money where it matters most and makes large wagers in the metaverse. Collaboration with luxury brands like Gucci means huge bucks for them in the future.

The gamble of marking a significant anniversary with a smartphone game that encourages players to complete challenges in exchange for prizes seems set to pay off handsomely for the storied firm. Louis Vuitton will continue to be seen as a leader in the industry as the use of NFT grows and the participation of Generation Z in the premium lifestyle grows.

Premium brands like Louis Vuitton can thrive and attract customers in the digital world as shown by the company’s success. Louis: The Game was created with the goal of boosting brand engagement and customer affinity among young people. Louis: The Game has been downloaded over 2 million times, demonstrating the importance of the Metaverse to Louis Vuitton’s business strategy.

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It is unclear, however, how fashion companies may best use the area. This has fueled skepticism regarding fashion companies’ role in the Metaverse, with Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, Louis Vuitton’s parent business, speculating that the Metaverse might see a bubble bust similar to that of the dot com industry. Nothing beats being the proud owner of a unique item. You have entered an exciting new realm of grandeur.

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