What is Metaverse? What is Virtual reality? Is Metaverse vs. Virtual Reality the same thing? If not, then how are these different? Which is overlapping?

If all these are your questions too, believe me, you are at the right place. Here is everything you want to know about Metaverse and Virtual Reality or Metaverse vs. Virtual Reality. 

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in October 2021 shakes the world regarding changing the Facebook name to Meta. Later, Instagram and Whatsapp were also added to the list. It motivated people to be more aware of the latest technologies. 

Metaverse Vs. Virtual Reality seems like similar terms, indeed these are not. One has a broader term, whereas the other has its own features to interact with users in a computer-generated environment. Let’s dig deep into the technology ocean to know more about these two:

What Is Metaverse?

It’s a blend of multiple technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), videos, and more. This helps the users live and react within a digital universe. Supporters of Metaverse believe that people can play, work or stay connected with friends. Even one can attend, around the world, conferences or concerts with Metaverse technology. 

In other words, “The ‘metaverse’ is a set of virtual spaces where users can create and explore with other people who are indifferent physical spaces.”

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology to develop a simulated environment. Unlike other user interfaces, one can experience the space from inside of the location. It is good to say, one can enjoy a 360-degree view and interact with the 3D world. Users can see and hear the thing passing by such, you can see car crashes, participate in virtual fighting games, or hear sounds. 

So, if someone wants to learn a new language, teleport anywhere, or step aboard the International Space Station, VR is a perfect option.

Metaverse Vs. Virtual Reality: Find the key differences

Virtual Reality is Well Defined, the Metaverse Isn’t

The major difference between the Metaverse vs. Virtual Reality is VR is a widely used technology, whereas Metaverse is still an idea. 

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the Metaverse is “an embodied internet where instead of just viewing the content-you are in it.” Even a recent Microsoft announcement described that a potential digital world would involve people, places, and things in one place. But these statements could be vague for now, as there is no clear definition of the Metaverse. 

Luckily we are currently using virtual reality in many industries. Some of them are Education, Automotive industry, Healthcare, Retail, Tourism, Real estate, Architecture, Gambling, and Entertainment. Every industry is growing at a high pace with VR technology. 

Note: Metaverse technology will work as a topping on the cake, one can experience things not by seeing but by touching and smelling too. 

Facebook Doesn’t Own Either Technology

Facebook announced its name Meta, but it does not mean Facebook is the only metaverse player. Microsoft recently announced Microsoft Mesh, their version of a mixed-reality platform having metaverse reality similarities. In the same way, there are many other players in the market offering different services for metaverse platforms. 

This means Metaverse is a larger platform than VR and is limited to a single company. Every company will play a significant role, whether it’s a matter of selling virtual plots, offering extraordinary service at a particular space, or others.

The Metaverse Includes a Shared Virtual World

The Metaverse is a shared virtual space that allows users to access the internet. Surely, your virtual headsets will be used in metaverse technology. 

Virtual space in metaphase also looks similar to the already existing reality platforms. But with Metaverse, you can create a personal avatar, and everyone will identify you from that in a virtual location. 

Also, you can purchase or build virtual items through Non Fungible tokens. In other words, virtual reality has some size restrictions, whereas Metaverse provides access to the entire internet world. 

The Metaverse Will Not Be Limited to VR Tech

Metaverse will not be limited to virtual reality only, but there will be a great contribution from Augmented reality also. Virtual reality helps the users be in the virtual place, whereas AR allows projected things into the real world. 

For instance, if someone wants to know about a space like a hotel, restaurant, or shopping mall personally. Metaverse will play a great role in taking people to a specific place. You can smell, taste food or try new outfits at the place before reaching physically. 

The Metaverse is Potentially Much Bigger Than VR

There is no doubt that Metaverse is potentially a bigger term than VR. You can also say VR will be just a part of metaverse technology in the near future. Metaverse may be known as an improved version of the new internet world and will change the way people work, and access social media. Might be industries where VR is now leading, like education, therapy, and sports – Metaverse will take its space. 

Interesting right!! Now it’s time to know more about the Metaverse. But before that, it’s time to answer the biggest question:

Will the Metaverse Replace the Internet?

Replacing the internet with Metaverse is a little hard to imagine, especially at the pioneering stage. There are many people around the world unaware of this concept. Even very few accept virtual reality and choose to spend money on wearing the headset. 

Metaverse will not have such issues as one can access with or without a VR headset. Again, Metaverse will provide an interesting alternative for users to use the internet. None of the techniques designed consider replacement factors. 

Let’s know More About The Metaverse

How Does The Metaverse Work? 

3D technology is where people can communicate with each other and interact with many digital objects using avatars. To work in this computer-based environment, users will need:

  • Virtual presence: Where people can communicate and feel your digital version.
  • Interoperability: Using your own avatar, it’s the ability to move freely between virtual spaces. This element is most often associated with blockchain technology to digital assets.

Main Features of Metaverse

  • Users can experience real-life activities within the digital environment and use all web 2.0 services
  • Real-time 3D graphics and 3D avatars 
  • The system will allow interaction and social socialization through all the channels.
  • Real economic systems Connection can make a profit from creating virtual goods. 
  • Users can access virtual space anytime and anywhere.

4 Areas Where Metaverse Can Apply

According to tech experts, Metaverse can apply to 4 areas. These are:

Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is a perfect option that matches metaverse requirements. Therefore, modern games like Fortnite and Axie Infinity already have metaverse features.

The game’s most important feature is multiplayer options that help in easy communication with other players and play the game simultaneously. Even the players have an option to transfer their avatar with a unique skin. 

Communication And Social Networks

Many global companies like Facebook and Microsoft are considering Metaverse as an outstanding solution for virtual meetings. It can replace Zoom calls or similar video calling solutions with an interactive and attractive platform.

In the future, maybe people can work and communicate with colleagues through virtual office space.

Shopping Experience

Shopping with metaverses is a unique experience where people can try on clothes or shoes by visiting a virtual shopping mall. It saves time wasted from visiting the store and finding nothing as per your expectations.

Even the new model of allowing potential buyers to try it out benefits the vendors too. 


Metaverse may prove to revolutionize the modern education system. Virtual schools and classrooms are a new learning platform for future students. They can experience educational spaces, laboratories, and other spaces with virtual schools and classrooms. 

Bottom Line

Hope the above information helps you to know all about Metaverse vs. Virtual Reality. Again, VR is a part of the Metaverse, not different from each other. One can experience the close reality of the virtual world with a combination of AR and VR. 

In the end, we cannot say both metaverse and VR and not different technologies. But, it could be good to say Metaverse is one step ahead of virtual reality. 

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