The most expensive cryptopunks of 2022 will be Rare and fantastic items (NFTs) are also some of the most expensive collectibles available. The question is, how much would collectors pay for a unique punk NFT avatar? The collection, which was begun by Larva Labs and is now managed by Yuga Labs, has become the most notable in NFT’s history.

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To many people’s knowledge, it was the very first PFP endeavor. This is not entirely accurate, but it is the first non-fungible token to have such a small yet dedicated user base.

To elaborate, when it comes to NFTs, Cryptopunks is second only to the Bored Ape Yacht Club in terms of celebrity holding popularity. The numbers are staggering at this time: the most expensive Crypto punk NFT ever sold for over $20M. Given that creating new NFTs was originally free, this price tag comes as even more of a shock.

Which CryptoPunk NFTs Are The Priciest?

Sales of the most expensive crypto punks NFTs have catapulted the market for blockchain-verified digital artwork into the limelight, with the total sales of these works already exceeding $100 million.

Larva Labs released their non-fungible tokens into circulation in 2017, depicting a wide variety of characters from zombies and humans to apes and aliens, each with their own set of characteristics. Since there are only 10,000 CryptoPunk NFTs in existence, the highest-value punks command prices that far exceed those of their closest rival, the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most expensive non-fungible tokens from Crypto Punk, including details on how much they sold for, what made them special, and how they influenced the future of digital collectibles.

Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFTs, With the Highest Price Tags

When compiling our lists, we only use data collected from trusted online resources.

Our top 10 most costly CryptoPunk NFTs are as follows.

10. CryptoPunk 3831, with $2.08 million

CryptoPunk 3831: CryptoPunk NFTs

CryptoPunk 3831: The Most Expensive Non-Fungible Tokens

CryptoPunk 3831 is the first NFT on our list of wallet-destroyers. The ENS user taneleertivan.e sold this punk to an unknown bidder on June 30, 2021, for $2.08 million.

A total of 4051 punks in the collection, including CryptoPunk 3831, have three distinguishing characteristics. Vampire hair, bold purple sunglasses, and the trendy (and useful) medical mask are all part of this package.

A total of 535 punks sport the oversized eyewear trend, 175 rock surgical masks, and a scant 147 sport vampire coifs. To give you a sense of how uncommon these characteristics are, consider that there are only 10,000 CryptoPunks in existence. As of this writing, the owner has spent about $76,000,000, or over 1,830,000 Ether, on a mere seven most expensive cryptopunks.

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9. $2.53 Million for CryptoPunk 7252

$2.53 Million for CryptoPunk 7252

The Most Expensive CryptoPunk NFT Ever: CryptoPunk 7252

On August 4, 2021, for $2.53 million (or 1000 ETH), CryptoPunk 7252 made its first of two appearances here. As with the other 2459 punks in the collection, this one is a zombie, and he’s sporting a chinstrap and a gold earring in his ear (an attribute shared by only 282 punks).

It has a wild hairdo that has been colored brilliant red, a style adopted by 414 other punks. User with the username thebeautyandthe sold CryptoPunk 7252 to an unnamed investor without receiving any Ethereum in return.

To far, the buyer has paid a total of $6.76 million on CryptoPunks, including £1.02 million on CryptoPunk 8620. The anonymized buyer of CryptoPunk 7252 made a good investment of $2.53 million based on the high demand for the coin later on this list.

8. CryptoPunk 8888, with $2.87 million in earnings.

CryptoPunk 8888 - The Most Expensive: NFT Metaverse

CryptoPunk 8888 – The Most Expensive Non-Fungible Token Ever

The next in line is CryptoPunk 8888, one of the 3840 female punks included in the set of 10,000. With just two characteristics to its name, this punk sports a cyberpunk NFT style thanks to her eye mask (a feature shared by 293 other punks in the collection) and her red mohawk (a feature shared by only 147 other punks).

As of late August 2021, CryptoPunk 8888 has already been sold twice, with the second transaction fetching a staggering $2.87 million. This non-fungible token has seen a dramatic increase in value since it was first sold on February 27 of this year, for the sum of $48,356. Presently, the account’s unannounced owner has just three punks in their collection, including 8888, and there is little activity in the account to indicate that they are actively seeking to expand their collection. NFT Valuations estimates that the current market value of CryptoPunk 8888 is just 124.04 ETH, or $518,548.

7. CryptoPunk 2140 ($3.76 Million)

CryptoPunk 2140: The Most Expensive New Financial Tokens

CryptoPunk 2140: The Most Expensive New Financial Tokens

Since its inception in 2017, CryptoPunk 2140 has changed hands three times, with the most recent sale occurring on July 30, 2021, for $3.76 million. The first transaction was for $731,604 to user Pranksy, while the second transaction was for $1.18 million to an account with the ENS name grunar.eth (or 750 ETH). Only 24 ape punks exist, making CryptoPunk 2140’s distinguishing feature very uncommon. Only two characteristics distinguish it from the other 3560 knitted caps and tiny sunglasses used by punks: the hat and the shades.

There are 419 other punks who also wear knitted hats and 378 CryptoPunk NFTs who rock tiny sunglasses. The current owner, ENS user gary.veefriends, has spent a grand total of $8.54 million on 59 punks from the collection (or 2.05K Ethereum).

6. CryptoPunk 2338, with $4.37M.

CryptoPunk 2338: The Most Expensive: NFT Metaverse

CryptoPunk 2338: The Most Expensive Non-Fungible Tokens

Another of the 88 zombies in this series of NFTs, CryptoPunk 2238, brings back the punk to the zombie genre. CryptoPunk 2388’s solitary trait is a little Mohawk on its head, which is also shared by 441 of the other punks in the collection.

On August 6, 2021, CryptoPunk 2388 fetched $4.37 million, up from its previous sale price of $458 in November of 2017. There is no indication of an ENS identity in the account details, yet the present owner has spent $6.24 million (or 1,500 ETH) on these NFT thugs. For 890 Ether (about $3.7 million), CryptoPunk 4612 is up for sale by its former owner, who is likewise remaining unknown.

5. $5.33 Million for CryptoPunk 7252

$5.33 Million for CryptoPunk 7252

It’s time to take a look back at CryptoPunk 7252, which formerly occupied the number nine slot on our list of the priciest CryptoPunk NFTs. From August 4, 2021 ($2.53 million) to August 24, 2021 ($5.33 million), the value of this redheaded crypto zombie punk with a chin strap and earring increased by more than 200%.

Following this meteoric rise in NFT pricing, CryptoPunk 7252 gained widespread media attention and eventually ranked as the fourth most expensive CryptoPunks in the world. In the 24 hours before the sale of CryptoPunk 7252, this group of NFTs had brought in almost £100 million. Since CryptoPunk 7252 isn’t for sale at the moment, no one knows whether the NFT’s price will continue to rise when it becomes accessible again.

4. $5.59 million was earned By CryptoPunk 5217.

CryptoPunk 5217: The Most Expensive NFT

CryptoPunk 5217: The Most Expensive Non-Fungible Tokens

In addition to CryptoPunk 5217, CryptoPunk 5217 is the second piece in the collection to reach the $5 million mark. One of just 24 ape punks ever to sell at auction, CryptoPunk 5217 sold for $5.59 million despite having only 2 qualities. This punk is distinguished from the other 419 CryptoPunks by his knitted hat and gold chain.

On July 30th, 2021, a piece of CryptoPunk 5217 was acquired and promptly transferred to another anonymous account. CryptoPunk 5217 has an overall rarity score of 929.26, placing it at #34 in this subcategory of NFTs, as calculated by Rarity Tools. CryptoPunk 5217 has received an offer from Larva Labs user manhoos.eth, although the existing owner is very unlikely to accept it. Approximately $410 in US dollars is equivalent to the bid of 0.10 ether.

3. $7.56 Million, CryptoPunk 7804

CryptPunk 7804

CryptPunk 7804: The Most Expensive NFT Ever Created

With its $7.56 million price tag, the sale of CryptoPunk 7804 in March 2021 smashed previous records for NFTs. Some have called CryptoPunk 7804 the “digital Mona Lisa,” and its sale signifies the growing popularity of blockchain technology and digital art collections. This very uncommon CryptoPunk NFT has three distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from the other eight alien CryptoPunks in the collection.

Another 254 CryptoPunks wear caps with the same forward tilt, and 378 share their little sunglasses. The stylish appearance of this NFT is completed by CryptoPunk 7804’s shared pipe with another 378 punks.

Shortly after CryptoPunk 7804’s record-breaking NFT sale, Beeple’s digital art collage Everyday sold for an eye-popping $69.3 million. Figma’s CEO Dylan Field is responsible for buying CryptoPunk 7804, and it was Field who likened the NFT to the Mona Lisa.

During an interview with Protocol, Field reflected on the purchase, saying, “I genuinely thought, “this is the digital Mona Lisa.” The pioneering effort is called CryptoPunk. And I think this is the greatest CryptoPunk out there. When the public starts demanding CryptoPunks, everyone will want it.

Although CryptoPunk 7804 is not presently for sale, an offer of $87.64 million was put and then retracted on October 29, 2021, leaving the future worth of this NFT up to speculation.

2. $7.67 Million for CryptoPunk 3100

CryptoPunk 3100: NFT Metaverse

The Most Expensive Non-Fungible Tokens Ever: CryptoPunk 3100

In this guide to Larva Labs’ priciest NFTs to date, CryptoPunk 3100 stands out as the most stripped-down kind of punk. There are only nine other punks in the world that are aliens, and this one has a blue and white headband, in addition to its singular feature (shared by 333 of the total 10,000 punks).

After selling for just $2,127 in July 2017, CryptoPunk 3100 was acquired in March 2021 for $7.67 million. At the same time as market sentiment was falling for more conventional crypto assets due to rising uncertainty, interest in non-fungible tokens was skyrocketing. The owner of CryptoPunk 3100 has great hopes for his investment, planning to unload the machine for $91 million by late November 2021. (or 35,000 ETH).

Concurrently, a group of nine very rare CryptoPunks sold at auction for $16.9 million, and in the same time frame, NFT sales totaled $115 million. No buyer has yet been found for the CryptoPunk 3100 at the current owner’s high asking price, but if it were to sell, it would become the most expensive NFT ever created, surpassing even Larva Labs’ most costly token at the time.

Top 10 Best NFTs To Invest In 2022

1. One Million Seven Hundred And Fifty-Three Thousand Dollars For CryptoPunk 7523

CryptoPunk 7523

Extremely Pricey CryptoPunk NFTs – CryptoPunk 7523

At Sotheby’s, CryptoPunk 7523 fetched $11.75 million, making it the cryptopunks most expensive ever sold. Unsurprisingly, these CryptoPunks are another very unusual kind of extraterrestrial punks that share these three characteristics: (a trait shared by 4501 punks). CryptoPunk 7523, like 419 other punks, is sporting a knitted hat, and like 175 other punks, is also wearing a medical mask. The gold earring is the last distinguishing feature of CryptoPunk 7523, and it is shared with 2459 other punks.

An anonymous offer of 20.4K Ethereum (equivalent to $87.64M at the time) was made and then retracted on October 29, 2021, suggesting that the most valuable CryptoPunks may fetch a price of up to $1.1B. According to a CNN report, Sotheby’s participation was “another digital pioneering step for the broker,” and the resulting sale further established NFTs as a respectable medium.

The primary factor contributing to CryptoPunk 7523’s high worth is the fact that he is the only alien punk to sport a face mask. Shalom Meckenzie, an Israeli businessman and the major stakeholder of DraftKings, a successful digital sports firm, bought the NFT.

Forbes estimates Mackenzie’s wealth at $1.6 billion, but it’s unclear how many additional non-fungible tokens (NFTs) he possesses.

Do you think it’s worth it to buy the priciest CryptoPunks NFTs?

In terms of value and consistency, CryptoPunks is among the top NFT libraries. Obviously, there have been previous instances when the base price was lowered. In January, for instance, the BAYC momentarily flipped it with its 53.9 ETH floor price, whereas CryptoPunks’ floor price was just 52.69 ETH.

However, as of this writing, the lowest possible purchase price for the whole collection is 74.68 ETH. CryptoPunks NFTs are also proudly held by some of the world’s most well-known celebrities, “NFT whales,” and artists. Finally, the most expensive CryptoPunks NFTs are interesting and warrant further investigation. These collectibles may or may not be a good long-term investment depending on your budget.

Which brings up an interesting question: Is CryptoPunk #9998 the most costly NFT ever sold?

Taking a cursory glance at the collection’s deals shows a $530M sale for Punk #9998. Still, you shouldn’t fall for it. This so-called deal was really just a PR gimmick. Using two separate electronic wallets, the NFT holder essentially transacted a sale with himself. That rules out a true sale. In light of this, we have discussed the most expensive Punk NFTs, including details on their qualities, who buys them, and everything you need to know regarding the most expensive NFT cryptocurrency.


The current most expensive cryptopunks NFT may be eclipsed by future sales, since the total sales of CryptoPunk NFT prices have already reached the hundreds of millions. The internet was abuzz in October 2021 with claims that Punk #9998 had been sold for a whopping 124,457.07 Ether ($532,414,000,000).

While the auction itself was a flop, it does show that there is a market for non-fungible tokens and that their value may soon explode. The priciest crypto punk NFTs ever sold are likely to stay highly sought after in the developing metaverse as their fame and scarcity continue to attract major players.

All investment/financial opinions expressed by are not recommendations. This article is educational material. As always, make your own research prior to making any kind of investment.
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