Two popular crypto YouTubers, Alex Becker and Elliotrades, came up with the idea for an NFT called Neo Tokyo Identities. These NFTs were released in October 2021, and more than a million individuals have already signed up.

The Neo Tokyo NFT and game project is not Alex Becker’s sole business effort. His digital marketing companies account for a significant percentage of his income.

Early in October 2021, Alex Becker introduced the Neo Tokyo NFT Collection. Neo Tokyo’s NFT environment, on the other hand, is cloaked in secrecy, which is unusual for NFT ventures.

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Each Neo Tokyo Identities NFT was a result of your successful completion of a series of challenges. Even today, joining their Discord is a challenge. In spite of all the secrecy, or maybe because of it, the Neo Tokyo NFT game project will take off almost immediately. NFTs, which were once free to mint, has now become a cult favorite. They tracked the identities of both the internal and external citizens they encountered.

Neo Tokyo Identities NFT has made significant progress recently. There are teams and guilds to be launched by Alex Becker, who is the project’s originator. There will be a PUBG competition in the near future as well! “S1 and S2″ You made your choice of guilds and teams today,” tweeted Becker. “You may use your IDs to sign up on our site,” we say.

Neo Tokyo NFT Game

An animation classic, Neo Tokyo, was released in 1987. A dystopian metropolis is the setting for three 50-minute tales, each written and directed by a different individual. Although the movie was inspired by the NFT collection, there are no obvious connections between the two.

They all include a large amount of textual information on a variety of topics. The Neo Tokyo NFT Game set includes 2,018 identities and 2,500 vault cards. “The fairest NFT decrease ever,” according to Becker, is the assertion.

Additionally, Becker and Elliotrade each had one NFT, and there were no pre-sale requirements for the mintage.

The project’s purpose was to build a “culture of long-term participation” by focusing on the needs of the community. Only those “Citizens” who are actively involved and “pay attention” to all alerts will be able to enjoy the full advantages. A passive holder might even be “rooted out” through games inside games within games within codes.

Neo Tokyo NFT Game

What’s So Special About Neo Tokyo NFT?

Neo Tokyo Project is made up of 2500 vault cards and a total of 2018 identities. Neo Tokyo, a 1987 Japanese anime film set in a dismal future, serves as a vague influence. There are “various facets” to the NFTs, which are essentially strings of codes, that will offer “citizens immense authority in Neo Tokyo.” The creators of the collection said that it was the “fairest NFT drop ever.” As a result, there were no pre-sale requirements, and the two founders each had one NFT.

All About Neo Tokyo Identities NFT Collection

This year’s Neo Tokyo NFT mint collection is all about secrets. Free to mint, with no pre-sale. Fans flocked to the initiative in droves, solving puzzles to get on whitelists. It’s right; you read that correctly!

Overall, there are 2500 vault cards and 2018 identities in the collection. Furthermore, all NFTs are “great power”-granting code strings. A “culture of long-term engagement” was to be fostered as part of a project centered on the community, the team had said.

According to their rules, “The first rule of the citadel is you do not discuss the citadel.” They’ve kept to their word.

It’s no wonder; therefore, that little is known about the various teams and guilds at the moment. A new season 2 Meta Tournament Discord will be available right now, according to Becker’s announcement.

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A live competition will take place on Twitch on Saturday to award the winning products. Even more interesting is how he predicted that only the very best and most uncommon of S2s would be chosen for recruitment. “S2s, I’ll put a link here to the discord so you can participate in the fun. Inside, you’ll find the rules for our PUBG event.

To What Extent Is Tokyo’s Neo-NFT Ecosystem the Work Of Whomever?

In collaboration with crypto YouTubers Alex Becker and Elliotrades, they designed the neo Tokyo NFT line. They want to establish a “culture of long-term engagement” via a project that is really centered on the needs of the community.

The Neo Tokyo NFT collection essentially rewards those who pay attention to the company’s announcements and engage in its online community. “Review the code.” Make sure you understand the language.

Becker tweeted: “You are your code, but you will be many codes.” In the digital world, “those who master the code will have advantages that are beyond their wildest dreams.”

Season 1 of Inner Citizens

Neo Tokyo NFT’s season one feature is “Inner Citizens.” Neo Tokyo Identities, Vault Cards, Item Caches, and Land Deeds make up the majority of Season 1’s content.

Identities of Neo Tokyo

Characters in the Neo Tokyo NFT mint are represented by Neo Tokyo identities. Depending on your preference, you’ll see men or women of various social classes, skills, and races. The lessons include everything from bartender and driver to cook and officer. There are a total of 33 classes. In addition, the color of their lettering varies according to the rarity of the item.

Identities of Neo Tokyo

Cards for The Vault

Like a bank account, Neo Tokyo Vault Cards function similarly. In other words, the vault will include information about your creditworthiness, such as credit scores, supply goods, and even a portion of the game’s riches. In addition, BYTES, the collection’s native token, is stored in the vault.

Item Caches

There are many different kinds of objects to gather in the Neo Tokyo environment, including apparel, weaponry, cars, and helms, to mention just a few.

The Land Deeds of Neo Tokyo

The owner of the previous three Neo Tokyo sets may claim them free of charge. In this case, the land is a virtual one that spans many towns.

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Citizens of Neo Tokyo

The Identities were the first part of the Neo Tokyo NFT collection. In the future, Identity holders will be able to access their Vault’s qualities via the minigame Kong Klimb. They then had to play a mini-game to get their Item Caches to be rarer.

Everyone who had the first three elements of the set may then claim their Land Deeds as payment for their efforts. A Neo Tokyo Citizen was finally awarded to those who had all four parts. Citizens, as opposed to Identities, are full-fledged characters with their own unique designs.

On OpenSea, the starting price for only these is 13.5 ETH. If you want to acquire one of these prized citizens, you’ll need to pony out at least $42,000!

Season Two: Citizens of the World

Season 2 of Neo Tokyo NFT mint features Outer Citizens. The Whitelist for Outer Identities was full within minutes of Becker tweeting about it. Users have one hour to utilize their BYTES after the whitelist is closed.

Surprise! The rarer their Outer Identity became as they burned through tokens. In Season 2, Land, Vaults, and Item Sets will be added to complete the set.

Additionally, the Meta Tournament’s ranks will influence the distribution of BYTES and NFT rarities.

In fact, guilds and teams were established in February of this year. After then, NFT holders may compete for prizes in different Twitch Meta Tournaments.

How To Get A Neo Tokyo NFT

Adding an NFT to your collection isn’t a slam dunk. The NFTs could only be minted by individuals on Neo Tokyo’s approved list. Furthermore, the allowlist was populated in a first-come, first-served fashion only by those who successfully solved the puzzles or won the games. Then, on Upload Day (October 3), Becker released whitelists in groups, with each group having 10 minutes to mint the Neo Tokyo Identifiers.

This method, however, did not ensure a tidy sum of money. Rather, they requested customers to “clear” a second exam. In Dave Loyal’s telling, they were asked several questions.

Becker had already tweeted a number of hints and codes that contained the solutions. The project provided users with Etherscan addresses and contract links so they may mint NFTs if they were on the allowlist at the time of the quiz’s conclusion.

Vault Cards From Neo Tokyo

Also, on October 16, the team issued a URL to mint vault cards with the contact link. A two-hour window for each Neo Tokyo crypto nft holder to seize a single vault was the same as previously. Game-winning whitelists may “steal” the vault if holders are unable to arrive in time.

Is Buying a Neo Tokyo NFT a Good Idea?

According to DappRadar statistics, Neo Tokyo crypto nft is now the 33rd most popular collection of all time. The total amount of trades has reached $125.12 million so far! NFTs in the collection have also been auctioned for large quantities.

According to OpenSea, NFT #1468 is the most popular character in the collection. For the current market price of 175 ETH (about $550,000), the item sold for.

Character #1781 sold for 150 ETH ($472,000 at the time of writing). Similarly, #1809 and #291 went for 79 ETH each. Neo Tokyo crypto NFT is clearly a one-of-a-kind NFT initiative. Is it up to the task of competing with the likes of The Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, and CryptoPunks? We’re eagerly awaiting the results.

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