The exponential expansion of the digital universe since the introduction of cryptocurrencies makes its size difficult to measure precisely. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), sometimes known as crypto artworks, were made possible by cryptocurrencies. Those in the creative industries aren’t sitting this one out, either.

Top 10 Most Expensive CryptoPunks Non-Fungible Tokens

Beeple, a digital artist, has made almost $69 million through the sale of an NFT collage of his work named “Every day’s: The First 5000 Days.” As far as we know, this is the first time an auction house has ever sold a digital artwork. To no one’s surprise, following the sales, the general public began paying greater attention to NFTs.

NFT Marketing Companies

Top 10 NFT Marketing Companies for 2022

Promoting your crypto art via NFT marketing companies is a great idea. Pay attention to these top crypto and NFT marketing companies:

1. NeoReach

As a full-service marketing firm, Neoreach excels at Web3-based campaigns with distributed teams and remote workers. The firm delivers an end-to-end marketing plan, from brainstorming to production to implementation, with an expert grasp of the main demographics and technology of the blockchain space.

Timelines, launches, secondary market amplification strategies, and assistance for NFT minting are all available from Neoreach, and all are first-rate. The firm improves campaign content, retargets customers and launches paid advertising from influencer profiles to boost conversions and trust across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and other social platforms.

2. CryptoPR

CryptoPR’s highly trained staff makes it the go-to NFT marketing firm for unparalleled NFT promotions. They provide a variety of services, including public relations, influencer marketing, branding initiatives, and social media campaigns. Even if you’re completely new to the business, you won’t be lost in the process because of CryptoPR’s detailed explanation of how they plan to increase interest in your NFT holdings. The agency is geared at reaching people like you, so they make sure to focus on you specifically.

3. Blockchain App Factory

Despite its reputation as one of the best NFT advertising firms, Blockchain App Factory provides more than simply promotion. The firm helps customers expedite the creation, manufacturing, and investigation of crypto and NFT concepts. Since its inception, Blockchain App Factory has successfully completed a wide range of local and international projects. The firm provides innovative strategies to attract consumers and grow brands through cutting-edge digital marketing techniques.

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4. AppDupe

AppDupe’s goal is to create innovative NFTs that can be used with both digital and physical goods. The firm provides specialized NFT marketing services to help your NFTs reach their full potential. There is a specific market inside AppDupe where users may mint their creations into NFTs. The firm also facilitates the tokenization of authors’ works on blockchain networks for subsequent placement on exchanges. With the support of a competent crew of professionals, AppDupe creates cutting-edge advertising strategies to raise the worth of your project.

5. Viral Nation 

Influencer marketing, content development, blockchain technology, and W3C standards are just a few of the areas in which Viral Nation excels as a global digital marketing firm. Influencer talent management, social analytics, social media strategies, campaigns, and distribution are all part of the social agency’s offerings.

The agency’s holistic solutions connect its clients’ vision, talent, media, and technology to drive their social environment. The firm can handle anything from celebrity representation to creative and athlete influencer management. Viral Nation can help you achieve your marketing goals whether you’re looking for a highly influential influencer or a highly engaged group of followers.

Viral Nation is an influencer marketing firm that may catapult a creator’s success to new heights. With then a decade of experience, the agency provides unparalleled knowledge and dedication to increasing the creator’s audience, exploring interesting options and negotiating better terms by connecting them with the world’s best NFT marketing companies, and collaborating with significant social networks.

In addition, Viral Nation’s sports coverage is widely seen across the world. The firm offers a variety of services related to marketing and promoting athletes and sports teams, including representation, expert guidance, legal and compliance, agreements and endorsements, content development and licensing, publicity, merchandise, and memorabilia.

Helping its customers increase their internet visibility since 2014, Viral Nation is a veteran in the field. The firm, which has won a number of accolades, currently represents businesses, celebrities, social media specialists, and content producers. It works along with influential people to generate interest in NFT marketing companies’ goods and services all around the world. Some of the world’s most recognizable NFT marketing companies have partnered with Viral Nation, including Coca-Cola, Aston Martin, Disney, ModCloth, Movado, Uber, and Anheuser-Busch.


The NFT marketing agency INORU is among the best in the world. INORU’s finest quality is the personalization of the services it provides. INORU’s meteoric rise to the top of its industry may be attributed to the company’s dedication to three pillars: analytical zeal, omnichannel operations, and unwavering plan implementation. The agency will do in-depth research on the industry and give careful consideration to every aspect of your campaign to guarantee its success.

7. Coinbound

Coinbound is an excellent NFT marketing firm that generates considerable interest in its clients’ assets. The agency’s stellar reputation is the result of the talented staff’s novel strategy for overseeing and enhancing the NFT’s brand image. In addition, Coinbound’s ties to prominent players in the cryptocurrency business, such as Cosmos and ShapeShift, are a major plus.

8. TurnkeyTown 

TurnkeyTown employs the production approach to promote NFTs. You get in touch with them, telling them your wants and who you’re trying to reach, and they come up with a plan to accommodate you. Among the many NFT advertising options provided by Turnkey Town are social media advertising, email advertising, community administration, video advertising, content advertising, crypto influencers, and message funnels. The agency is also useful to artists since it helps them reach their audience on platforms like Discord and Telegraph.

9. Blockchain PR

Having been in business since 2010, Blockchain PR has established itself as a leading marketing firm for all kinds of digital solutions, with an emphasis on cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and NFTs. Although the agency provides a wide range of services, the firm’s fundamental competencies in NFT marketing—creative design and targeted communication—are at the center of every solution it provides. Since Blockchain PR has access to more than fifty different marketing services, it is well suited for promoting high-end NFT assets.

10. X10 Agency

Forbes has recognized X10 Agency as a leading firm in the field of Web3 and NFTs promotion. X10 Agency’s tried-and-true methods, market analysis, and breakdowns have earned them numerous accolades. The group envisions itself as a springboard for your NFT project, one that will assist you in reaching out to your demographic and realizing your project’s full potential. When you work with X10 Agency, publications like TechCrunch and Venture Beat will start paying attention to your cryptocurrency company’s name.

NFT Marketing Companies: NFT Metaverse

Cryptocurrencies: What Do They Mean?

Cryptocurrencies are digital tokens or coins that are distributed through a decentralized network rather than a central bank. Blockchain technology underpins the operation. All financial dealings are recorded and can be viewed by anyone thanks to this technology. There is no central body or government in charge of crypto. Cryptos have strong encryption, which digital currencies lack.

What Are Non-fungible Tokens?

Digital assets and physical goods that may be digitized are represented by non-fungible tokens. Images, trading cards, videos, art collections, domain names, and game add-ons are some of the most common types of NFTs nowadays. The scarcity drives up the price of crypto artworks. The NFT platform is programmed in such a manner that only a limited number of NFT assets are accessible at any one moment.

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New Functional Transformations (NFTs) trigger a domino effect. Tokens are becoming more complicated and sophisticated as the cryptosystem grows in popularity. NFTs are more than just buzz since developers are also expanding NFT applications. This sector is thriving, and it’s here to stay, hopefully even as it continues to develop.

Many sectors are running test campaigns to get in on the action as interest grows among the general population. NFT assets are also a hot commodity among artists and makers right now. The best way for artists to realize crypto art’s full potential is to team up with a top-tier NFL advertising firm.

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