The demand for NFT merchandise continues to rise. Accordingly, the supply, demand, and cost of each NFT are different. The price of an NFT is determined by a number of factors. Rarity is one of the must-haves.

When compared to the other NFT collections, NFT Rarity stands out visually. We’ll cover this in more detail in the subsequent article. Questions such, as “What is NFT Rarity, how is it computed, how is it used, and where can I get true rarity information?” and “Where can I find genuine rarity information?”

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Below, you’ll find the answers to your queries plus a plethora of useful NFT Rarity Tools that we’ve compiled. Bookmark this page so you always have a handy reference guide.

NFT Rarity Tools

What Is NFT Rarity Rank?

As a measure of an NFT’s rarity relative to the rest of the set, its “Rarity Rank” is a useful metric. It’s not unusual compared to other NFTs worldwide, but it’s only effective with people in the same cohort. The vast majority of NFT archives are just compilations of several iterations of the same image. To determine how frequently a picture appears in the collection, we may break it down into its component parts. NFT Rarity Rank is this exact concept.

This knowledge of NFT Rarity is necessary, but why?

You need to be aware of the Rarity of NFTs so that you don’t give too much or too little weight to the NFT you’re looking at. Knowing how uncommon NFTs are helps to appreciate their investing potential. Find undervalued NFTs and buy them using this method. Similarly, avoid investing in NFTs that are selling at a premium. As a result, the quick solution is to put money into wise investments.

How Do You Determine The Rarity of An NFT?

Some ways to determine an NFT’s rarity. Due to varied definitions of rarity, there is more than one established protocol. Therefore, the most common approaches to determining NFT Rarity are:

Order of Rareness for Non-Functional Traits

You might think of this as the bare bones of approaches. The core concept is to identify characteristics of NFTs that are underrepresented in a given set. The fact that this is the most reliable signal also means that the complicated is relatively simple.

Because NFTs are composed of several characteristics, it is impossible to determine the rarity of an NFT by examining any one of those characteristics in isolation.

Probability of Observation for a Given Trait

The next approach addresses the shortcomings of the last one but introduces a new set of complications. Exactly as it sounds, this function determines how common a certain attribute is over the whole NFT.

Let’s use a three-trait NFT as an example. Each of the first three characteristics may have a different rarity value (20%, 50%, and 5%). Consequently, the typical proportion is 25%. Twenty-five will be arrived at by adding fifty-five and dividing by three (25). The overall rarity can be better determined, but the rarity of specific features is lost in the process. The ultimate price tag, however, might be affected by a variety of variables.

Infrequent by Any Measure

This approach is similar to the last one. The entire level of distinctness is also considered. The only real difference is that the number of features is multiplied to get the statistical rarity. When there are two qualities, say 10% and 30%, the Rarity will be calculated as 10% multiplied by 30%, or 3%.

Clearly, there are some issues. If there is a unique value for a characteristic, it will not be revealed by the standard counting techniques. However, the sum of all attributes will be used. The unique approach will only display NFTs with the rare attribute and will not be able to provide the most valued NFTs with all qualities.

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Which Method of NFT Rarity Tools The Most Accurate Results?

To my mind, the ideal technique to determine NFT is to first determine the Rarity of NFT, which can be done by adding up the individual rarity ratings of each threat.

Coefficients are calculated using the following formula:

This ratio may be calculated as follows: 1 / ([Number of NFT having that characteristic] / [Total Number of NFT in the collection]).

You may get the rarity percentage of a certain NFT by adding up all of the coefficients of qualities it has and then multiplying that number by 100.

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How do I determine whether my NFT asset is rare?

There are two ways to determine whether or not NFTs are very rare:

1. You can figure it out on your own in a variety of ways. This is the most accurate method of estimating the worth of future NFTs. Now we’re talking about ninja techniques.

To calculate NFT Rarity, you should: 2. use dedicated software.

You may save yourself some time by bookmarking this post since it contains links to all of the best NFT Rarity Tools in one location.

NFT Rarity Tools

Rarity. tools

In order to determine whether a given NFT is rare, the most well-known tool is Rarity. tools. I was wondering how the rarity ranking system in Rarity. tools worked. Everything is fairly straightforward. A Rarity score is applied to each characteristic of an NFT. NFTs are rated according to their total Rarity, which is calculated by adding together all of the individual Rarity values.

Rarity. tools also organize NFT items from many collections and maintain track of changes and additions. Another great feature is the ability to filter results by characteristic category for a fresh perspective. Some NFTs, however, may exhibit unanticipated beauty or a unique mixture of characteristics. Don’t make investment choices based just on a few distinguishing features, then.


You may get a free trial of the commercial version of RankNFT. Filters for NFT sorting make life simpler, and they order NFT qualities based on internal algorithms and formulae. There’s also a browser add-on available for even less hassle. To emphasize, they are among the select few businesses that may display the current state of affairs on the Polygon blockchain.

Rarity Sniper

The demand for Rarity Sniper is increasing. The Rarity Sniper presently rates more than a thousand Rarity-generated NFT collections. It includes a schedule of impending NFT drops, a filter for viewing collections based on their attributes, and statistics for these collections.

You may now see the OpenSea secondary market pricing for NFTs in addition to their Rarity thanks to the site’s new “purchase now” function. This allows the NFT Rarity and its value to be seen together in a single metric. Solana NFT collections have been included as well, making this an all-in-one resource for analysis. What’s more, Rarity Sniper covers topics like the latest NFT news, cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0, and the meta-universe, making it a useful resource for anybody.


You are aware that OpenSea is the most widely-used NFT platform. Any NFT’s purchase price, buyer/seller details, transaction history, and other relevant data are all publicly available. Every single investor takes advantage of it.

In addition, it contains its own method for determining whether or not an NFT is really unique. This is a perfect enough instrument for the preliminary examination. Since the total NFT Rarity rating or Rarity score is unavailable here, we recommend using the other NFT Rarity tools on this list for a more in-depth examination.


As the name indicates, NFTSniff is the place to get a whiff of the latest and greatest in NFTs. Moreover, those NFTs are still relatively unknown, which is a huge plus for potential investors. NFTSniff is a helpful tool for keeping track of NFT Rarities, and it does much of its work in close collaboration with the community via a Discord server. It detects recently emerged NFTs with lightning speed and provides extensive data on their rarity.

Additionally, they have a mechanism that alerts you whenever new products enter the OpenSea marketplace. Because of the quick loading time, you’ll be able to compete with the finest NFT Rarity Tools and buy rare NFT before anybody else. It’s second only to Rarity. tools in terms of speed, functionality, and potential.

NFT Bank

If you want to keep track of your NFT holdings in a centralized location, NFT Bank is the place to go. This handy software allows you to monitor your portfolio’s NFT pricing in real-time. Although its primary function is to make tax calculations easier to understand, the tool also provides a way to rank NFTs according to their rarity. Pick the most exciting NFT transactions and see their future market value.

Quickly gaining investing knowledge that will be popular with NFT investors is now possible with the help of such a crucial instrument. Information on return on investment, activities, and costs are all included in the statistics given by NFT Bank. Another useful resource is “Analysis and signals,” which may help you locate promising NFT investment possibilities in a flash. You may get a more accurate view of the NFT market condition with the help of market indicators and the portfolio data of other users.


For those interested in the NFT market, MomentRanks offers in-depth research and analysis. Find out how much something costs, how popular it is, how rare it is to get an NFT, and keep tabs on how many NFTs you need to complete a set. MomentRanks’ popularity among NFT investors stems largely from the fact that its straightforward design welcomes even novice traders to the NFT market.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different from the industry norm, check out MomentRanks’ Rarity Rating. They’ve designed a helpful tool that breaks down NFT into its constituent parts (head, body, eyes, etc.), and then those parts are broken down into various qualities, so you can see how often they’re utilized across the collection. By using the filter to pick the desired attribute, you may get a list of the required NFTs, along with costs and an overall Rarity Rank. Any attribute may be used to create a bespoke filter. One drawback, however, is that despite the data being readily available at all times, they are often incomplete.


With Moby, insiders, fresh drops, and the status of impending NFTs can all be monitored with ease. Investment in NFTs as major holdings is the key benefit. Only by linking your cryptocurrency wallet can you get access to this service. This is done to cut down on the number of unused users.

An NFT Rarity measurement tool is also available, but it provides a more high-level overview of the rarity of a given NFT set. This service provides instant access to NFT data and feeds. Investors may get a better sense of the big picture by adjusting the time horizon to include ten minutes, an hour, a day, etc. This will allow NFT investment choices to be made more quickly.

Icy. tools

Their slogan is “Everything you need to know before you buy, sell, or mint again.” Particulars make them similar to the items that came before them. A crypto wallet is the sole point of contact, however, the NFT Rarity gauge has been improved upon in this iteration.

Filtering the NFT rating, even down to the past 30 minutes, is possible with a linked wallet. All data pertaining to NFTs, such as best prices, total sales, and average prices, are accessible through the table at the top of the page. You should take a closer look at this Icy. tools since its straightforward design make it appropriate for novices.


NFT Rarity Tools that specifically address NFT rarity will be our next topic of discussion. HowRare is, as its name implies, one of these programs. You may use it to see whether any given NFT characteristic is rare. This whole list of characteristics is hand-picked to complement a certain NFT set. These characteristics are shown as a proportion of the total NFTs for a given feature. That’s why we’ve got an overarching rating, the number of special characteristics of this particular NFT, and a position in the hierarchy of special collections.

Think about this!

While most NFTs are created on Ethereum, HowRare is concentrating on the Solana network. There’s a tonne of information on NFTs on Solana’s blockchain, including names, rarity ratings, asset values, release dates, and transactions. HowRare relies only on the Solana database to determine rarity.


An excellent platform with many analytical features. Good for all types of investors since it follows the prices of anything that uses smart contract technology. This includes not just NFT and tokens, but also Dapps, or decentralized applications. Information on NFT Rarity is included, but only as a supplementary indication. Therefore, DappRadar is a helpful resource for financiers.

DappRadar introduced its NFT portfolio tracker in 2020. By using it, you may monitor Ethereum wallets in real-time. By entering your ENS address or Ethereum wallet address, you may check your NFT balance and learn more about your Ethereum tokens. If you need to maintain tabs on NFT Rarity, this is a wonderful option. After all, you may use this app to keep tabs on your own portfolio.

Etherscan Token Tracker

It’s safe to say that even before bitcoin’s first boom, there was already Etherscan. Researching the numbers behind cryptocurrency and NFT markets has never been easier. There are several helpful resources available, such as a token minting calculator that displays the current estimated cost of minting tokens.

They implemented an NFT monitor very recently. Additionally, every NFT’s metadata may be seen in great detail. People who have recently bought or been issued currency are included. In addition, Etherscan makes use of specialized APIs that let you do further analysis of the data so that you can provide the user with even more insight.


Most NFTs are aggregated by CryptoSlam. Their data collection and analysis cover millions of NFTs across 15+ blockchains. Everything you could possibly want to know about NFT is right here. Things like their rarity ranking, cost, level of demand, frequency of purchase, and average daily price fluctuations are all taken into account.

An efficient means of interacting with NFTs is facilitated by their rating mechanism. Sales of NFTs, minimum prices, transaction volumes, the number of owners, and a full understanding of the rarity of each NFT all contribute to this. Your NFT collection may also be shown using this feature.


“Insights into Cryptocurrency and New Financial Technologies in Near-Real Time”

You can learn all there is to know about this service from its header. An expert-level resource for keeping tabs on the emergence of NFTs and the emergence of trading signals for them. Extensive analysis summarised in clear charts and statistics.

Anyone who is prepared to not only invest in NFTs but also actively trade them should consider using Nansen Rarity Tool. The ability to see and evaluate the NFT in real time is quite helpful. Inspect the project’s proprietor, who can then be quickly identified and validated. A user may see a ranking table of the most lucrative NFT wallets using analysis tools. You may use this information to better manage your NFT assets and prepare for the future.

NFT Stats

To find out how much your favorite NFT collection is worth, how much it sells for, and how popular it is, check out NFT Stats. Rarity explorer’s primary function is to help users locate uncommon NFTs by allowing them to sort through and organize their NFT collections. Here, you can see your Rarity Score, calculated from the rarity of your NFT characteristics. The tool isn’t required, and there are better options available here.


Rarity The NFT Rarity may be checked using Mon, a discord bot, and a website. They use one-of-a-kind accurate static formulae to demonstrate the rarity of a characteristic in a given asset and the ranking of this NFT within the portfolio. Ethereum, Solana, Binance, Polygon, and Cardano are just some of the blockchain projects they back. You may use it to verify the completeness of your NFT library, which is another useful feature. In only a few hours, they can rank and highlight the most interesting properties of a large number of NFTs.

Trait Sniper

The primary function of Trait Sniper is to reevaluate NFTs.

What is the procedure?

Data about the NFT’s worth and rarity is available on the market, but the token’s price is sometimes unreasonably low; it deserves a premium because of its scarcity. Trait Sniper is able to locate these NFTs, display their accurate Rarity Score, and indicate whether or not the score may be recalculated.

Therefore, the primary benefit for investors is the opportunity to profit from cheap NFTs. The UI in Trait Sniper isn’t the most user-friendly, but you’ll grow accustomed to it. Additionally, there is a premium browser add-on.


Although it has a certain tool-like quality, SolSea is fundamentally a marketplace. Their only focus is on the Solana blockchain. They can make Solana NFT collections rare-rank-calculating rarity NFTs (NFT-PRO) with built-in licenses. In addition, FTX-Pay and Moonpay are accepted for adding funds to the wallet, and the stack is constantly being updated with new features.


All the data pertaining to blockchain technology is stored in crypto. They display the most recent price changes, navigate across markets, and monitor widely held NFT collections across a number of different blockchain networks. Much of their effort is dedicated to spreading the word about their cryptocurrency wallet. You can do a rarity check here, but there are better NFT rarity tools for it.


This is the go-to platform for keeping up with the ever-changing bitcoin industry. All the latest news and data about cryptocurrency exchanges, transactions, price movements, volatility, forks, etc. can be found here. Naturally, there is already an NFT section available on such a site, displaying the most important trades, price changes, and other data that would be of interest to the average person.

CoinMarketCap tracks the state of the three most prominent blockchain technologies and provides quick access to the most essential statistics related to them. The one caveat is that no rarity data is available. CoinMarketCap may soon have one, which is the sole reason we’ve placed it here.

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You have gained an understanding of NFT Rarity, its value, and measurement techniques. You also found a large collection of helpful resources pertaining to NFT investing. There are, of course, many approaches that may be used to gauge NFT worth. Since the root of ultimate rarity lies in aesthetic preferences, maybe you have a preference for one over the other when it comes to their respective artistic endeavors. The color blue is favored by some while the color red is favored by others.

It’s crucial to think about before putting money into an NFT.

The distribution of reliable bespoke software technologies is one of our company’s primary objectives. In particular, we have extensive experience with NFT Development on the blockchain. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your project.

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