To your surprise, neither Astro Apes nor Slurp Juices existed in the early days of the internet. The early days of the internet were a more carefree period of human history. There was no “Slurp Juice” to be found on any of the websites. It was easy to code a web-scraper since most data is already formatted in HTML.

In the year 2022, the web is teeming with $ billion worth of ApeCoins and complicated JavaScript programs that gradually pour in data after page load. We aren’t familiar with the technique of using numerous slurp juices on a single ape, but we are familiar with web scraping for the purpose of monitoring prices. If you require NFT data but don’t have an API, you’ve found the ideal location. Using the OpenSea Application Programming Interface (API), we can automatically retrieve, discover, and investigate NFT initiatives on the Ethereum blockchain. OpenSea scraping API has several competitors in the shape of NFT platforms like SolSea, Rarible, and Mintable.

Users may take part in the buying and selling of digital goods like art, games, music, etc. through NFT marketplace websites or online platforms like Use them to create and trade NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Continue reading the Opensea scraping guide to finding out how to scrape the NFT marketplace data shown on such websites into a local spreadsheet file on your computer.

OpenSea Scraping NFT Data

The Benefits of OpenSea Scraping NFT Data

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital tokens used to represent ownership of intangible things such as artwork, music, etc. Blockchain technology is used to ensure the safety of NFTs. Market research is the primary use for harvesting NFT data. Owning digital assets has value in and of itself, but NFTs are also considered a potential investment vehicle. If you want to make more informed buying and selling choices, collecting and analyzing NFT data from marketplace websites like is a great place to start. Please refer to this guide for a comprehensive overview of the NFT Market Analysis.

How to Scrape NFT Data?

Data from websites may be “scraped” in an automated fashion by the use of special software. Data may be extracted from websites using a number of simple-to-use programs, tools, and application programming interfaces (APIs). Visual web scraping technologies are available for local installation on personal computers. Through a simple point-and-click interface, these technologies make it possible to extract information from any website. So, you may scrape information without having to manually create any code or programs.

How To Carry Out Data Scraping At

We’ll use, the leading NFT marketplace, as an example, although the principles discussed here are applicable to any online marketplace. is pioneering and massive crypto and NFT token exchange platform. This program makes it simple to extract NFT data from the website, as shown in the accompanying video.

Ideally, you shouldn’t scrape from Cloud IPs

Cloudflare blocks cloud IPs from AWS, Google, and others from accessing OpenSea and other sites it protects. The primary purpose is to prevent distributed denial of service attacks, although opensea scrapers may also be caught in their web. You may easily scrape information about NFTs posted on the market, such as price, bids, pricing history, ownership, transfer, and blockchain facts, using these user-friendly visual web scraping tools.


You may use this OpenSea Scraper to extract data from any collection. OpenSea offers APIs too, but with mysterious throttling that has the community up in arms. This GitHub issue has further information. Because of this, if you need a comprehensive list of all tokens in a given collection, the OpenSea API is not going to be of much use. In addition, if you go through any collection on the website, you will see that the same token appears more than once on the listing page.

As a result, not even website users have access to full information about collecting tokens. This scraper will let you acquire a comprehensive list of all the tokens in a certain collection, which is useful whether you’re doing research for an upcoming project or conducting investment analysis.

Example of Input Input

The only thing you’ll need to do for the most basic of uses is to provide the browser URL of the opensea collection. Other fields may be left at their default values.


During each iteration, the scraped information is added to the dataset. JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, RSS, and HTML are just some of the formats that may be used to view or download the data.

To tweak the output

The given JSON output may be modified through the extendOutputFunction’s optional second input. If you’re proficient in Javascript, you can easily alter this function’s parameters to get different results.


This actor is recommended for collections up to and including 10,000 items given that OpenSea only allows viewing of up to 10,000 items in a collection.

Methods for Growing Your Company with an OpenSea Scraper

  • Information on prices and items sold on the biggest NFT marketplace in the world may be gathered.
  • Data mining in all fields including but not limited to: music, art, collectibles, domain name, photography, sports, trading cards, virtual worlds, etc.
  • Locate information on the NFT market and narrow your search by popular chains like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Klaytn.
  • You may generate leads and learn more about your clientele by compiling information on NFT developers and users.
  • Discover untapped markets for NFT products and study the online buying and selling climate to better allocate resources and promote sales.

This is how it operates

Step 1: Decide on the website to scrape in real time for public data.

Step 2: Choose the delivery type (JSON, CSV, HTML, or Microsoft Excel) and frequency (real-time or scheduled).

Step 3: Select a destination for the data transfer, such as an API, webhook, email, Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SFTP, or a cloud storage service.

Implement Google Sheets Batch Scraping

Many inexperienced scrapers make the mistake of trying to collect thousands of records in a single run and then writing the whole set of data to a single CSV. Like not having backups of your work or placing all your money in one bank account, this is a certain way to lose everything and end up in tears. Several opensea scrapper instruments ensure the safety of our eggs, baskets, and consumers. Therefore, we advise that you write to Google Sheets in batches as you go through your scraping process.

There are several benefits to this:

  • Even if you fail, you can get back up again. You may continue scraping from where you left off if you are interrupted.
  • Information is made accessible in stages, not all at once.
  • Make use of Google Sheets’ advanced tools to filter and post-process your data before sending it on to other automation.

How to get started with OpenSea API?

All you need is an IDE and your preferred programming language to begin using the OpenSea API. In order to retrieve data for this post, we will utilize Python with the requests module and use pandas to create data frames. Fill out the form to get an API key with looser API rate constraints if you want to use the OpenSea API in a production setting.

How to use the OpenSea API to get assets?

Requests are sent to the assets endpoint of the OpenSea API to get the requested assets. Token identifiers, contract addresses, order by values, order directions, and more may all be used as arguments.

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