Roundhill Investments, an ETF sponsor laying their major focus on creating creative thematic funds, is thrilled to announce that META, the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF topped $500 million in assets within the management this week. Two weeks after hitting $250 million in revenue, META now has $1 billion in its bank account.

How To Get Into The Metaverse and What To Expect

On Monday, Roundhill Metaverse and Ball Metaverse Research Partners came to a final close of their deal at the New York Stock Exchange, marking META’s successful debut.

In recent months and mostly during the very last month, the Metaverse has been a hot topic. 160 SEC filings in 2021 refer to “metaverse” as opposed to only seven in 2020 and one for 2018. In addition, the Metaverse was mentioned in around 13,738 articles on Bloomberg Terminal between May 29 and June 5.

Investors and partners have heard about Nvidia’s, and Disney’s Metaverse plans in the previous several weeks. The most well-known name change was made by Facebook, which rebranded as Meta to reflect its shift from a social media business to a metaverse firm.

Roundhill Metaverse

“Focus on, and engagement in the Metaverse reflect a rising conviction that it represents an evolution as important as, if not more so than, the development and widespread use of mobile internet and computer technologies itself.

The MetaverseMetaverse hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s beginning to take shape, and we expect it to generate billions of dollars in global economic value “- Matthew Ball, Founder of Ball Metaverse Research Partners.

The Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF (META ETF) is meant to provide investors with exposure to the Metaverse by producing investment outcomes that closely match the record of the Ball Metaverse Index before fees and costs (“BALL META Index”). Managing the Index is Matthew Ball, a metaverse investor, counselor, and researcher who heads up the indexing and research business Ball Metaverse Research Partners.

The Metaverse Vs. Virtual Reality: Explain The 6 Key Differences

To put it another way, the “Metaverse” is a future version of the web that will be available to everyone, have a properly operational economy, and provide a seamless experience between the virtual and real worlds.

META ETF’s top holdings were Nvidia (9.7% weight), Roblox (9.0% weight), Microsoft (6.9% weight), Unity Software (6.1 percent weight), and Meta Platforms Inc. (5.8 percent weight). Among the members of Ball Metaverse Research Partners’ Expert Council are executives from Nvidia, Amazon’s AWS and Prime Video, the Match Group, Valve, Square Enix, The New York Times, Take-Grand Two’s Theft Auto, Spotify, and many more.

What Do You Understand By Roundhill Ball Metaverse?

ETFs like Roundhill Ball Metaverse (META) is designed to provide investors with a diversified portfolio of metaverse equities. It is only because of this that their performance should roughly replicate (95 percent or better) the Ball Metaverse Index.

Many of the main holdings in the META ETF are covered on the VIP site; we are well-versed in the holdings of this ETF as a whole. Aside from that, Matthew Ball and Co. are a well-respected voice on the subject of the MetaverseMetaverse. We feel the ETF’s management is professional and informed based on the selection of the ETF’s top holdings.

What You Need To Know About Roundhill Asset Management

Registered investment advisor and ETF sponsor, Roundhill Investments, specializes in theme and sector-specific investing. In order to assist investors in expressing their long-term goals and aspirations, they build smart investment packages. Investors should carefully review the investment goals, risks, charges, and fees before making a decision to invest. 

It’s possible to lose all of your money if you invest. Companies like MetaverseMetaverse, which heavily rely on technology, are particularly vulnerable to the high costs of research and development, the high capital requirements, the obsolescence of their products and services, government regulation, and competition from both domestic and international sources, including those with lower production costs. 

Smaller, less established firms, in particular, may have more volatile stock prices than the general market as a whole. The growth rates of Metaverse Companies may shift dramatically and unpredictably.

Hacking and theft of proprietary or customer information, as well as service interruptions, might have a significant negative impact on the operations of Metaverse companies.

The value of Fund shares may increase and fall more than more diversified funds due to the concentration of the Fund’s interests in a single sector or set of industries.

Market illiquidity, currency fluctuations, exchange-rate volatility, and extreme volatility are all hazards associated with foreign investment. In contrast to more established nations, emerging markets are smaller, less liquid, and more volatile.

Top 10 Metaverse Development Companies: In Race To Build Future

Depositary Receipts are subject to the same risks as investments in foreign securities, but they may not produce a return that is exactly the same as that of the underlying stock. Details on these and other dangers may be found in the prospectus.

There are no individual redemptions from the Fund, and shares are purchased and sold at market value rather than net asset value (NAV). Returns will be lower because of broker fees. The company’s investment adviser is Roundhill Financial Inc, which provides all the information related to Roundhill ball metaverse ETF price. It is not associated with Roundhill Financial Inc. or U.S. Bank or any of its affiliates that distribute the Funds, Foreside Fund Services, LLC.

Whether it’s a Buy Now Option

Managers seem to have a good grasp of long-term metaverse ETF strategy, in our opinion. There are now 40 equities in the company’s portfolio. However, this number is subject to change. Perhaps additional additions or deletions will be made as part of the compositional modifications.

Management sees Fortnite as a key participant, but the firm hasn’t gone public. This is the case, for example. As a result, Fortnite remains a high-priority item on the agenda.

We believe that if investors want to avoid the 0.75 percent management charge each year, they may duplicate META’s holdings. It would need active management on the part of investors, and in many cases, it would be simpler to avoid the burden of active management in the first place. Because of this, many individuals are considering ETFs as a way to invest.

The same goes for us. META ETF seems to be a strong ETF for investors who are looking for a straightforward approach to take advantage of the metaverse potential.

However, after the bear-trap reversal in early October, the ETF witnessed a sudden surge in momentum. It’s in line with the recent surge in stock prices for both Unity (U) and Roblox. Investors should thus hold off on boosting exposure until the current upward trend has slowed and stabilized at an appropriate support level.

As a result, we have placed META ETF on Neutral status for the time being. But we will keep an eye on the price activity to see whether we need to adjust our rating in the future.

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