While everyone in the crypto world is worried about the recent dip in the market. Shiba Inu, popularly known as the meme coin, tweeted their “first surprise of the year.” 

From their official handle, the team tweeted and revealed their plan to launch its own Metaverse project called Shibaverse. With this announcement, Shiba Inu will become the first digital coin to have its own virtual world project. 

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After the recent announcement of their future expansion, the SHIB price spiked close to forty percent. Crypto traders and investors around the world are keeping a close watch on everything that’s happening around Web 3.0. And there are a great number of entities worldwide that are interested to get on board with their Metaverse project.

Everything About Shibaverse | Guide To Earn, Create And Play| How To Buy Shibaverse Tokens

The year 2022, is going to be the Metaverse era and everyone is curious about the regular updates in the virtual world. If you are eager to know about the recent developments in web 3.0, then read this post till last. Here we will discuss How To Buy Shibaverse Tokens:

  • What is a Shibaverse Metaverse?
  • How Shibaverse is different from metaverse?
  • Shibaverse Vs Decentraland Metaverse
  • How to buy in Shibaverse?

The developments in the blockchain-based metaverse started in the third quarter of 2021. Shibaverse, the blockchain-based metaverse allows users to buy and sell land, create NFTs.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dive deep into what is Shibaverse Vs Decentraland Metaverse is and its features.

What is a Shibaverse Metaverse?

Shibaverse is a virtual world with Shibacity as its capital. This metaverse is similar to the Facebook metaverse, Decentraland, and basically an extension of web 3.0. There are rumors that the virtual world will have an underwater district ie Shibarium

Shiba City the official capital of this virtual world has a Genesis district that is located on the coast and is the most prestigious city. ShibaSwap is Shiba Inu’s own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. With this, they are planning to create an ecosystem and provide a platform for Shiba Inu tokens (everyone is unique) to be traded safely and securely.

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It’s not the first time that these tokens become known to the investor world. In 2021, these tokens generated more than 46,000,000% gains and since then Shiba Inu tokens are the talk of the town. The digital coins or tokens associated with the virtual world are attracting investors worldwide and recently enjoying immense momentum. These digital assets are seen as the next big thing in the crypto market.

Shiba Inu’s new virtual world can be accessed with any device or with any browser. However, the most popular and preferred options will be smartphones, laptops, computers, or VR headsets. And the best thing is that you can access this virtual world with less bandwidth internet connection and old IoT devices.

So what are you waiting for? Just visit the official website and take a tour of the virtual world.

Now you have a clear understanding of what exactly is the Shibaverse. Let’s have a look at its rival Decentraland.

Try your Shibaverse demo today!! Click here to enter the shibaverse demo

What is Decentraland?

Similar to Shibaverse, Decentraland is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. Here users can buy and sell virtual plots. Not only trading people can build virtual houses, trees, apartments, and much more on these virtual lands.

For simple understanding, you can imagine Decentraland and other metaverses as virtual reality video games. The popular game Fortnite is one of the prime examples of Metaverse. The game allows users to build houses, interact with one another. However, in the metaverse, the users can do a lot more than that.

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Decentraland users can buy virtual land, build skyscrapers, movie theatres, hotels, and anything in the physical world. Recently, Facebook rechristening its name to Meta became one of the reasons that people came to know about the concept of ‘Metaverse’.

How You Can Earn Money on Shibaverse?

Shibaverse is the latest addition to the virtual world and thus offers a new opportunity to make money.

Here’s how you can earn money in Shibaverse

Virtual Land to Buy, Sell Or Rent

The virtual land on Shibaverse will be a blockchain NFT. This means every piece on the platform has its own token number and is completely different from others. Buying and renting virtual land is the best to generate a passive income. You can even sell the land later on when prices sour up. As this metaverse is relatively new and thus there is a huge possibility that prices will go up as its popularity increases.

Earn With Puppies

When you buy virtual land on Shibaverse you can have puppies. These puppies are more like NFT with different skills and unique features. What this means is that each puppy has its own value and you can sell them in the NFT marketplace. The more virtual land you buy on the Shibaverse the platform will provide you with more puppies.

Sell on NFT Marketplace

On Shibaverse, users can create their own accessories. For example, you can create accessories for your Shiba dog to make them look good. These accessories can be later on sold on the NFT marketplace and earn money in Shibaverse.


Shibaverse platform allows users to play various games and earn coins as well. In these play2earn games, users play against other users and earn rewards.

Shibaverse Token

As you already know that Shibaverse is going to be a virtual world just like Decentraland. Shibaverse token is important crypto that anyone in the virtual world needs for sale and purchase within this virtual ecosystem. These tokens can be used to:

  • Buy the Real Estate
  • Buy NFTs
  • In-game trading

Shibaverse tokens can be converted into Verse tokens and as easily available on these two exchange platforms 

These tokens are also available on decentralized exchanges and can be easily bought with the help of other digital coins too. All you need is a well-known self custody wallet to perform these transactions.

On Decentraland you can also – 

  • Play games to earn tokens.
  • Create your own NFTs.
  • Buy and sell real estate on decentraland.

Basically, you can do everything that you do on the Shibaverse. However, Decentraland uses MANA tokens for all the transactions that happen within their metaverse ecosystem.

Step By Step To Buy on Shibaverse

  • Connect your existing crypto wallet with your Shibaverse account to buy on this virtual platform.
  • Create your profile on Shibaverse by adding basic details like username, set wallet, etc.
  • After linking your wallet and creating a profile, you can purchase a shibaverse token and plan for Ethereum network fees.
  • Buy ETH and transfer to the wallet.
  • With ETH in your wallet to buy or rent on Shibaverse

The first thing we’re going to do is buy Shibaverse, so I’m going to buy it on Shiba swap.

How You Can Be A Part of Shibaverse With A Crypto Wallet?

You can’t buy Shibaverse directly with fiat currencies, unlike some other cryptocurrencies. There is one simple thing that you need to do is first buy Ethereum (ETH) from decentralized exchanges. With ETH in your self custody wallet and you can use these digital coins to be part of this new virtual world. Here is what you need to do:

Download Crypto Wallet

To be a part of Shibaverse, you need to download a self-custody wallet like Coinbase Wallet. These self custody wallets can either be as a mobile or web application and are required to purchase Shibaverse. Here’s a direct link to sign up with the coinbase wallet. 

Choose a username

Downloading a wallet is not enough you need to set up and choose a username too for your wallet. This username makes it easy for other users to send money. But make sure you keep your wallet username private and you need this to access the account.

Recovery phrase

Done with creating a unique username, it is time to set up a recovery phrase to recover your self custody wallet. Keep in mind this recovery phrase is one of the biggest links to get to your crypto wallet. Remember, anyone with this phrase can access your wallet so don’t share it with anyone. Make sure your wallet phrase is extremely strong and secure so when you need it comes to your rescue.

Keep in Mind Ethereum network fees

Remember it’s not that easy to be with on the Ethereum platform. So before you do that make sure you understand how busy the network is, how fast transactions complete, and complicated it is. So keep a small chunk of money for the fees while planning to enter the shibaverse with ETH. Here’s how you know about the fees associated with the Ethereum platform.

Move ETH to Wallet

The next thing you need to do is move the ETH to your crypto wallet. There are multiple ways to do the same. However, most of the applications allow users to do the same with the mobile app or web platform to do these transfers.

Time To Use ETH and Be a Part of Shibaverse

For converting your ETH to Shibaverse, Coinbase is probably the best crypto wallet out there. Just click on the image of Shibaverse, then tap “trade” and that’s it. You can swap ETH in your crypto wallet to Shibaverse tokens. However, keep in mind the transaction and leave some ETH in a wallet. Just follow the instruction and confirm the swap between ETH and Shibaverse tokens.

Shibaverse Vs Decentraland Metaverse: Key Differences

S.NOKey PointsShibaverseDecentraland
1InceptionEarly 2022February 20, 2020
Verse TokensLANDMANA
3Main GoalSupport and promote Shiba Token EcosystemNew financial opportunity for the Shiba community. Entertainment for users with Play2earn opportunity. Educate the young generation.Content CurationDigital CollectiblesSocialDecentralized Content DistributionTraining and professional development, education, therapy, 3D design, and virtual tourismAdvertising
4Earning MethodsVirtual Land to Buy, Sell, Or RentEarn With PuppiesSell on NFT MarketplacePlay2EarnShibaverse TokenBuy or sell LAND and MANACreate Clothes and Sell Wearables. Play-to-Earn Games. Work for Decentral Games. Play games, attend events, buy and sell land, and NFTs.
5Ethereum TokensEthereum based tokens: ERC-721 ERC-20 and ERC-1155Ethereum-based virtual world  “ERC-20 tokens”

That’s pretty much everything about the Shibaverse vs Decentland. We will keep on updating as new updates appear about both these virtual worlds. 

Shibaverse is newly launched and we are curious to test how it works and what it has to offers. So, if you are someone who took a test ride of the decentraland or is eager to know how shibaverse feels. Then this next section is a must-read for you. Here’s how you can enter this virtual world.

  • Type Shibaverse on Google or simply click here to directly visit the website.
  • On the website, you will see two options – “First virtual walk” and “Whitepaper”.
  • Click on the first virtual walk to enter and enjoy your shibaverse demo.

(You can directly click here and enter the shibaverse demo virtual world)

Here is what we saw on the shibaverse while surfing with our laptop.

It’s a beautiful virtual space. The city is located on the shoreline and you can see the sky, clouds, boats, hot air balloons, palm trees, and people enjoying a nice walk.

All you need to do is click on the white circle on the screen with a mouse to move freely in this virtual world. Another thing that will catch your eyes is the big inflated gold plated balloons dog.

This balloon-shaped dog appears to you like a showpiece and right beside it there are pigeons on paved ground. All of this will give you a feel of walking to a famous tourist spot. With people chitchatting, the nice wind blowing, trees all around you, buildings, and the ocean.

This virtual world has everything that a user might need to spend a good Friday evening or just move around after a tiring day.

Oh!! Wait what’s that…. Is that Starbucks?

Well, that’s not true but while having a short glimpse on Shibaverse you might make the mistake of reading Shibucks as Starbucks. And, if you did the same trust us you are not alone.

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So, we entered the Shibucks coffee and you will see a white dog at the reception. The virtual space will give you the similar feel of a coffee house with all the chairs and tables in white color it’s just perfect.

You might see red plus signs and upon clicking on these you will see video messages. In the future, these displays might be needed for marketing or for other promotional activities. 

On the top left, there are options to turn on daylight and night. So depending on what mood you are in the platform allows you to enjoy the virtual world both day and night light. Personally speaking, the night view is better than the day.

Well, that’s what we did on the shibaverse new virtual platform. Although you could enjoy the new virtual world with a VR headset, laptops or PC are perfect to have a look at the demo. 

With this, we have come to the end of this post: Shibaverse Vs Decentraland Metaverse. We constantly publish content related to NFT, blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, and other latest tech buzz. So, do keep visiting our website for such tech-related updates. 

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