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These terms and conditions regulate your visit to the NFT METAVERSE website, which is located at https://nftmetaverse.news/.

We assume that by accessing this website, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions listed on this page, do not use NFT Metaverse.

Hyperlinking To Our Content

Here is a list of organizations that can link to our Website without the need for prior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News institutions;
  • Online directory distributors can hyperlink to our content as they link to other listed businesses, and;
  • Other Accredited Businesses can hyperlink to our website.

However, any non-profit organization, fundraising group, charity group, charity shopping mall, or any other similar platform except soliciting may not hyperlink to this website.

Any of the above mentioned or other organizations can hyperlink to our home page, articles, blogs, news, or any other information on the website as long as the link:

(a) is not deceptive in any way; 

(b) in a way endorses, sponsor, or approve the linking party products and/or services falsely; and,

(c) aligns with the context of the linking party website.

Here is a list of organizations whose hyperlink requests we may consider for approval with our website content. The list includes the following types of organizations:

Content Liability

The content shared on the website is only for educational purposes and collected from multiple social media, thus, won’t be held responsible for the information that appears on our website. You agree to defend and safeguard us against claims that all are rising on the website. We assure you that no link will appear on this website that is obscene, criminal, infringes, advocates, or violates any third-party rights. 


We are not directly associated or directly benefit from the affiliation projects we cover at NFT Metaverse. We do earn profits from our affiliates when they have a purchase or direct benefit from the content shared on our website. Our website generates most of the revenue through advertisements, third-party partnerships, and affiliate links.

This empowers us to bring the right and reliable information to our readers from an independent perspective and enables readers to get the right information that benefits them.

Your Privacy

Please read Privacy Policy

Removal of Content or Link From The Website

In case you come across any offensive or objectionable content on this website, feel free to notify us via email and inform us at any moment.

Upon providing information about the offensive or objectionable content, our team will remove the content or link from our website as soon as possible.

However, we are not obliged to do so or respond to them directly.
The informational and educational content present on our website is collected from various news and social media platforms.

Thus we don’t ensure that information is completely authentic, factual, and accurate. We don’t assure you that the website will be maintained, kept up to date, and remains available.


The information shared via this website in the form of news, articles, blogs, pdfs, images, etc is only intended for informative, educational, and entertainment purposes.

All the information shared on the website related to NFT, NFT marketplace, NFT metaverse, NFT coins, Blockchain technology, and others is collected from various social media, news, and tech platforms.

The information is only intended for educational, entertainment purposes, and not in any way directly or indirectly promotional in what way so ever.

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