Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the buzzword in the tech and investment world. Although, for the past year or two, these digital assets have been in and out of the spotlight. But, there is no denying that these are the hot topics right now.

While most believe that NFT is a new technology, it might surprise you that the first tokens, ‘Coloured Coins’, hit the market in 2012.

In 2021, the total trade value of the NFTs was $24.9 billion, which is a clear indication that this industry is flourishing. And likely to continue to flourish in 2022 as well. Everyone is searching for what’s next to happen in the NFT world.

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We have created a list for you on top nft trends likely to dominate the market in 2022 and beyond. These top nft trends are a great opportunity for NFT collectors and traders worldwide to become a part of this digital revolution.

So, without any ado’s, let’s start with the top trending nfts.

NFT Trends in 2022 to Be Aware Of - NFT - NFT Metaverse

NFT market is attracting investors, traders, and digital collectors from around the world. There are different types of NFT, from the first tweet, digital art to music, and a lot more. This is one of the reasons why NFT trends keep on changing, resulting in a lot of searches over Google about:

  • Top NFT tokens
  • Top trending NFT collections
  • Top NFT trends and the list goes on.

If searching for the top trends in NFTs 2022 is the reason why you are here, then fret not; we have got your back. So, let’s discuss the NFT trends you should know about for 2022 and beyond.

NFT Gaming

Games are becoming an effective tool for metaverse to attract more users to their newly launched platform. With interactive gaming experience and Play2earn features, gaming enthusiasts are getting hooked to these games.

The virtual rewards earned by users while playing games can be sold on the NFT marketplace to earn money, or you can add them to your virtual collection.

In gaming, the Play-to-earn NFT is going to be a top nft trend in 2022 and beyond. As players can monetize their time and add top trending nft collections, NFT games will surely keep gaming enthusiasts busy.

NFT Real Estate

Real estate in the virtual world like Decentraland Clone, Upland, Shiba Verse is another top trending NFT in 2022. These platforms allow users to buy, sell, and rent virtual spaces without the need of any third party.

Not only trading, but users can also even build their own houses or apartments on the virtual land owned by them. The proof of ownership of these virtual spaces is secured with blockchain technology.

Real estate trading platforms like Upland are making their way to the NFT world. The trend in the NFT world is likely to shift from investing in digital art to buying real estate in the virtual world.

NFT Collectibles

When talking about the top nft trends, you can’t miss out on NFT collectibles. NFT collectibles are the most common that are NFT collectors and traders’ first choice to enter this highly profitable market.

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Features like smart contracts, royalty fees, and ownership rights assured the buyers that there is no fraud in buying genuine digital assets. You can easily find rare and exclusive digital art on the NFT marketplace and earn huge profits on a single piece of digital art.

Why do we think that NFT collectibles are going to be a top NFT trend? Three things in favor of the NFTs are smart contracts, blockchain technology, and ownership rights. All of them are a surety to both buyers and sellers that there is money safely invested in digital assets.

NFTs Personality

Yes, it’s true that NFT gained popularity with its association with the metaverse, digital art, music, or in-game tokens. But in 2022, it is expected that this trend is likely to change. Artists and celebrities may bring their own nft personalities and avatars this upcoming year. One of the biggest reasons is that it allows them anonymity and security to reach their audience. It expects that famous personality are likely to create their digital avatars and will be one of the top nft trends this year.

NFT Identity

NFT are not only for digital art, music, real estate, but with time, NFT is also paving their way to other fields. As you already know that this technology is perfectly capable of use as proof and secure transfer of ownership.

For this very reason, it expects that this technology will be used in identity applications for a variety of purposes, such as borderless travel, rapid KYC verification, and others.

NFT technology makes it highly secure and fast for users to prove their identity. This is why it is likely that NFT will use in identity applications to provide the authenticity of something and make the whole process swift.

NFT Marketplaces

As the popularity of NFTs is growing around the world, both investors and traders are searching for highly reliable and secure ways to become their part. NFT marketplace is the most obvious platform to benefit from the rising popularity of NFT. These platforms make it easy for users to buy and sell digital assets with the security of blockchain technology.

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The best thing about them is that they provide users with a platform where they can search from thousands of listed digital assets. And invest in ones that they think are likely to be more valuable in the future. Whether you are looking to be a part of NBA topshot trends, rare art, or music collections. The NFT marketplace has everything listed on its platform to meet buyers’ and sellers’ expectations. 

NFT Chatting Apps

As you already know, the NFTs build on blockchain technology and provide a secure platform for users to interact. It expects that these chatting or messaging apps provide secure texting or message sending options. Messaging apps similar to Snapchat, where the text or image self-destruct itself when viewed by other users or after a certain duration, are likely to build on NFT technology.

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In 2022 and beyond, NFT messaging apps can become a top nft trend to provide users with a secure chatting or texting platform. These are handy applications as they allow users to text while keeping their number private. Businesses worldwide can use this technology to connect with their customers without worrying about their data.

NFT Avatars

NFT avatars are known by different names in different metaverses. In Upland, these are known as “block explorers,” while in decentaland, these are known as “Decentraland avatars.” But their main purpose remains the same; these represent users’ identities in the real world. It is important to remember that every digital avatar is different from one another with its own set attributes.

NFT avatars like CryptoPunks, Crypto Sharks, Cyber Doberman are the top trending NFTs attracting investors from around the world. Digital avatars view as the next-gen internet user interface.

NFT Wallets

The rise in the popularity of digital art is the prime reason why NFT wallets are in huge demand. These wallets provide a secure way to store and manage digital assets with enhanced security. NFT wallets not limited to a single marketplace or cryptocurrency. This means users can manage their finances and easily manage their digital assets collection.

Non Fungible Token wallets are a secure platform with password protection, blockchain technology, encrypted backups, and others.

NFT Streaming

Non Fungible Token is also making their way into the entertainment industry. Streaming platforms are taking advantage of the NFT technology to offer a variety of functions such as gaming, auction, and others. NFT streaming platform allows users to watch content on any device without first downloading the entire media file.

Watch movies or listen to your favorite song without worrying about the space on your mobile or any other IoT device. With all these unique features, these platforms are likely to become a top nft trend in 2022.

Wrapping Up

NFTs are currently a force to reckon with. As the number of NFT collectors and traders increases daily, it is vital to keep track of the changing NFT trends and top trending nfts. Keeping an eye on the recent developments and possible future trends in NFT is one way to stay ahead in this market.

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Hope now you have an idea about the top nft trends in 2022 and trends that will dominate the nft future. If you think there is an NFT trend that we missed in this post or any suggestions related to this post. Then, you can tell us down in the comment section. We will surely include the best suggestion in our post. 

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