NFT with the full-form, the non-fungible token is distinctive and non-transferable units of data that are being recorded on a secure digital ledger referred to as the Blockchain. Also, with each of the NFTs containing its own unique encryption code, which even the best of hackers can’t possibly hack, these are certified by the certificate of authenticity.

The originator of the digital artwork, its value, and ownership are monitored by NFT. Hence validating an NFT is the same way possible, just like a conventional painting might be authenticated. 

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NFTs have existed since 2015, but they haven’t gain popularity or become mainstream only until 2020. Further, in 2021, the crypto art market witnessed a massive explosion, providing a platform for artists and digital creators to flourish. Digital artists such as beeple are now being respected and discussed the same way as traditional artists. Continue reading to trace out the best NFT artists of 2022.

Top 5 NFT Artists To Look Out For 



Total NFT Value:$176,201,356.04 NFTs Sold:1,351 Highest Sale:$69,346,250.00 Average Sale Price: $130,422.91

Today Beeple stands in the queue of one of the most popular NFT artists. He has made the record of selling the most expensive NFT collage in Christie’s. Beeple, whose real name is Mike Winkelmann, was able to trade every day for the First 5000 Days to earn a whopping $69 million, shattering the previous record. After Jeff Koons and David Hockney, he is regarded as the third most valuable living NFT artist.

He used 5000 digital pictures from his Everyday series to make the artwork. Beeple put forth a lot of effort, putting out new work every day and setting up a gallery to display it in. He was given exactly what he deserved to be paid.

Is he still producing digital art and posting it on social media platforms? He has also collaborated with artists including Justin Bieber, Childish Gambino, and Nicki Minaj in real and metaverse performances.

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One of Beeple’s digital artworks was sold for $582,000 in less than five minutes, setting a new record for the fastest time to sell artwork. Several digital artists see him as a living legend, and this is a title he fully merits in light of his accomplishments.

As a result of his social media presence, he has amassed a large following. One of Charleston’s rising stars, he has encouraged many artists to experiment with digital art by demonstrating that it is possible.



Total NFT Value $26 Million

Ferocious, a stage name for Victor Langois, comes in at number two on our list. Exactly like Beeple, this digital artist made more in less time, further demonstrating how valuable digital art can be if it is tackled adequately.

A relationship with famed musician Two Feet made him famous in early 2021, generating revenue of more than $1 million selling NFT art on one of the finest NFT platforms at the time, Nifty Gateway. Langlois has a troubled history and isn’t afraid to share it with others, including the story of how he fled his violent family and found solace in painting.

He’s done well, proving that there is always a bright side to every cloud. An art buyer who had purchased his piece “Moment I Fell in Love ” urged him to continue creating and selling work under the name NFT. Having heeded the advice, Ferocious has made progress in his artistic endeavors.

In only a few months, the artist made thousands of dollars selling his work on the NFT marketplace SuperRare, specializing in rare and beautiful works of art. Mr. Langlois has sold almost 3000 pieces of digital art at an average price of $5812.16, so if you have any doubts about the profitability of NFT, maybe this will clear things up.

Ferocious work’s dreamlike tones and monochromatic slides show that his art is very personal. In addition to the splashes of paint, many of his artworks open the eyes of art fans to a realm of reminiscence. He’s well-deserving of his spot on our list.

Trevor Jones:

Trevor Jones


There is a distinct difference between Trevor Jones’ work and those of the other two digital artists we’ve evaluated. Rather than drawing from his own life experiences, he concentrates on technology and how it affects people.

NFTs have become more popular and have gained a large following from various sources, prompting him to enter the NFT market. Trevor primarily studies the role of technology in engaging viewers and actively changing their watching experience. Like his audience, his art represents his passion for cryptocurrency.

As this ever-growing network is joined by new digital artists every day, he brings fresh ideas into a world that will eventually become congested. Most people are familiar with Trevor because of his NFT, “The Bitcoin Bull,” which sold for more than $200,000 on Nifty Gateway. On sites like SuperRare, he has the greatest average sales, with yearly revenue of $5326. To give you an idea of exactly how incredible this artist is on the site, his first NFT was sold for $100,000.

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Trevor and Jose Delbo’s first effort, ‘Genesis,’ must also be mentioned. It was a stunning pencil artwork of Batman that was auctioned off at Makers Place for 302 Ethereum. He, too, has had a successful career, so keep an eye out just for him in the next year.


Total NFT Value: $37,746,808.69 NFTs Sold: 3,054 Highest Sale: $12,359.79 Average Sale Price: $12,359.79

Snowfro is a unique artist name. Most people are curious about what it implies and why Erick Calderon has chosen it. In any case, this NFT artist’s name comes from the name of a snow cone business he formerly owned.

With Art Blocks, he’s made his name as a digital artist and businessman. Snowfro, like Trevor Jones, has a penchant for cutting-edge technology. With Art Blocks, producers may now create computer-generated artwork on-demand, demonstrating that the NFT industry is rapidly expanding. It’s ripe for technological advancement and will take on a new life when Facebook’s Metaverse launches.

Before joining the NFT realm in 2017, Snowfro worked on project modeling projections at various music festivals. According to a few artists we’ll be reviewing, he’s been around for a long time. After some time, he came up with a concept for a platform that would enable artists to develop creative scripts on the Blockchain. That’s how Snowfro’s platform, Art Blocks, came to be, and it’s been a hit ever since. 


Pak on the frontier of NFTs.

Total NFT Value: $430,444,627.84 NFTs Sold: 66,320 Highest Sale: $49,843,557.40 Average Sale Price: $6,490.42

If you’ve researched NFT projects, you would probably come across Pak, a well-known NFT artist who has remained unknown throughout his career. Therefore, his work has an air of mystery about it. Like Satoshi Nakamoto, Pak has remained anonymous even as his Bitcoin holdings have grown significantly over the years.

Whether Pak’s mystery has had an influence or not is up for debate. Despite the artist’s rising fame on social media, you won’t be able to learn anything about him. Elon Musk, the wealthiest man globally, is one of Pak’s many admirers. The Gift, a work of art featured on Nifty Gateway, should be included while discussing some of the artist’s endeavors.

Pak said that the artwork would be donated to any auction house that desired it. He generated more than $16,000 000 and sold more than 1600 works. In March 2021, the Metarift made more than $900,000, making this one of the most costly items in the catalog. This year, keep an eye out for Pak.

The artist continues to produce high-quality work, is well-known, and has earned a large following lately. A genius is required to achieve this level of esteem and appreciation while remaining anonymous.


The NFT scene is a gold mine for digital artists. Some of the NFT artists garnered nearly $13 million from only around 50 pieces of art, proving that this market is very profitable. Therefore you must take note of all of these achievements if you’ve been considering a career in the NFT sector.

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