RENGA – founded by Dirty Robot, an independent painter and comic artist -has been making enormous waves in the NFT scene since releasing in August. Ten thousand original and distinct PFP characters have been hand-drawn for RENGA. Having its own unique identity, each NFT will contribute to the massive RENGA narrative ecosystem. And this community-curated endeavour is all about Japanese manga/anime culture and the creative process. For the past seven days, the lowest price for a RENGA NFT has been 1.14 ETH, and a total of 3,605 ETH has changed hands on OpenSea as a result.

The RENGA collection features 10,000 PFP NFTs with a Japanese anime/manga theme.

Brief Overview of RENGA NFT

Artist DirtyRobot (real name: Daniel Isles), a Japanese cartoonist who got his start drawing comics when he was 9 years old, created the RENGA character set by hand. DirtyRobot, an artist who mainly uses ink and paper, is devoting his twenty-plus years of expertise to the art of Renga.

Each has its own unique personality waiting to be explored within the larger RENGA narratives. Simply said, RENGA is an art form and a narrative art form. Sequential art or images (in the form of printed, graphic narratives) is known as RENGA. distinct from the manga in its sparse use of speech and large amounts of white space on each page. The goal of this endeavour was to produce an NFT work in the manner of a Japanese comic book or manga. They envision a future where all holders are actively engaged in the narrative.

Is that why there won’t be any AMAs or community-driven updates? Negative feelings will develop, though, if the project partner is uncommunicative with the holders. Many notable opinion leaders participated in the effort by hosting a space even if they didn’t participate in the initiative themselves.

In spite of the bear market, Dirty Robot’s RENGA NFT collection has quickly become a favourite among NFT enthusiasts. The art is fantastic, drawing inspiration from manga and anime of the Japanese style. Interestingly, a group of poets in Japan would often gather together to write a poem under the pen name “Renga” (). When it comes to RENGA NFTs, it takes both a dedicated community and a hard-working team of artists to make the collection a reality. Dirty Robot, as Daniel Isles, is a Japanese cartoonist with over 20 years of expertise.


Where Does The RENGA Black Box Come Into Play?

Black Boxes were airdropped to owners of The Art of Seasons NFTs on June 22, 2022, the first day of summer. These NFTs were issued in March for 0.08 ETH. All of the pieces in these sets were created by DirtyRobot + RENGA Factory. The black squares are like blank canvases, ready to be filled with any RENGA figure. Through a burn-to-mint method, each owner of a black box will be able to discover a character from the RENGA world.

In all, there will be 10,000 RENGA Black Boxes available. Boxes will become scarcer when they are destroyed, whereas RENGA NFTs will become more plentiful. Though there is a cap of 10,000 RENGA Characters, how many are really available to players will depend on how many RENGA Black Boxes are actually unlocked (burned). Your RENGA character’s entrance into this world will be one of these containers. Your persona will become more crucial to your success in RENGA as time goes on.

The Art of Seasons: What Is It?

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter are all represented in this rousing art book titled “The Art of Seasons.” Artist and creator of the RENGA art style DirtyRobot have released his first NFTs collection, titled The Art of Seasons (TAOS). Each bearer of TAOS has been gifted a RENGA Black Box through an airdrop. TAOS holders were caught off guard and given free black boxes through an airdrop. Because of this surprise airdrop, everyone is now anticipating additional airdrops.

The Art of Seasons is your key to the world of DirtyRobot. In certain cases, you may be able to acquire limited-edition prints or other classic pieces of art created by DirtyRobot. Collections from The Art of Season may be acquired via secondary marketplaces.

What is Renga’s Role in 10ktf?

We may infer that RENGA: Powered by WENEW and WeNew Labs work together because of the little print in the bottom right corner of their official website. In the article “What is 10KTF NFT?” we provide an overview of this concept. The Whole Truth About Wagmi-san. WeNew Labs, the creators of 10KTF, are a prestigious NFT firm (Figge, Beeple, Guy Osheary).

Since this is the case, we should expect success for any 10KTF-related endeavour. That said, you shouldn’t expect 10KTF to rush out and fund the businesses of others. The positive aspects of RENGA must still be visible to them. Concurrently, the RENGA cast made an appearance in a Twitter promo posted by Wagmi-san. People are beginning to wonder whether RENGA is a villain in the 10KTF multiverse as a result of this.

Renga NFTs Offer a Fantastic Kind of Storytelling Art

Importantly, this is Dirty Robots and the RENGA team’s second NFT compilation. The ecology is based on art and community, which is reflected in the way the collection was introduced to the public. The Art of Seasons (TAOS) NFT holders were airdropped a complimentary black box NFT as part of the inaugural NFT collection. A public mint received the remaining NFTs. The overall goal of the project is to create an NFT with art and a tale inspired by Japanese comics. Soon, NFTs will have important responsibilities inside the narratives.

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Concerning The NFTs

The 900 conceivable extraordinary qualities in RENGA NFT allow for the creation of really one-of-a-kind characters. In addition, 1/1 of NFTs have their own subcategory. There are eleven various types of archetypal characters that will exist in the RENGA world, some of which are more common than others.

This list of eleven archetypes includes:

  • Motor Corp
  • Delinquent
  • Agent
  • Robot
  • Alchemist
  • Samurai
  • Golem
  • Ninja
  • 8-Bit
  • Cube
  • 1/1

It will be exciting to see RENGA NFT’s development over the next several weeks. Over 2000 RENGA Black Boxes are still available for individuals who wish to include an element of surprise into their NFT purchase. If you’re interested in the NFT narrative art but can’t wait to get started, you can purchase one on OpenSea for 1.14 ETH right now.

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